Friday, December 23, 2011

And there's THIS asshole

Hey everybody. Dy here again. Lia's been... well frankly she's been depressed ever since June passed away and she doesn't feel like writing here so she asked me to do so.

We've been laying super low for a while. Like a hipster's v-neck. Since there's three of us now we decided it'd be best to just chillax and not start any shit. Which hasn't been hard. We haven't run into any problems. No one's tried to tackle us. We had a few sightings of him but I'm guessing he's trying to keep the fear in us.

And so I decided to write this post and then I found this fucking shit and well neither of us wrote it. Sounds like some sort of play on Little Red Riding hood or some shit. Probably the same person who's posted those coded messages on ours and Mistletoe's blog.

It's annoying but not hazardous. Sort of like getting gum stuck in your hair.

Anyways. Just thought I should keep you guys up to date and let you know we didn't write that last post if it wasn't already obvious as fuck.

None of you die alright? Or I'll kick your ass.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

hmmm it has been a while hasn't it?

the flower has been very sad in the present

and the flower in the past has been lost

as any who lose their darlings

and their way

as have I

as she carries me 

so lets have a story huh?

There was a time long, long ago when a young girl was lost in the forest. She had wandered too far from her home and her village and the darling young one had become hopelessly lost in the constant  and repetative lines of trees.

This forest was particularly notorious for people becoming lost in it. Unless you left markers or could recognize the faded trails about, it was very likely you would become disoriented there as the trees seemed to grow in straight lines. Perfectly spaced from one another like some sort of orchard.

So this girl, lost among the endless pines, began to cry and call out. First for her mother and father, then for her siblings, and then for anyone, anyone at all who was about who could help her. The girl wailed and called wandering around scared and hopeless of ever finding her way out. Vertigo-ed and dizzy she sat down and silently wept against one of the trees.

Finally, a crunching of leaves was heard as someone stepped along the autumn fallen to her. The young girl looked up ecstatic that there was someone here to help, instead she found herself staring at a large black wolf with golden eyes.

The girl trembled and squealed terrified of this wolf that it would eat her and she shielded herself and fell over upon her stomach in the soft plush of the leaves and soon she felt a tugging at the back of her coat and she cried and screamed as she was lifted up and dragged.

The whole time she cried and covered her eyes as the wolf carried her along. The tips of her boots gently scraping a crossed the ground as it trudged along forest. It's footsteps getting quieter and quieter among the leaves, till finally it set her down on the ground and after a short while of nothing happening, the girl uncovered her eyes and looked around.

Just a few meters in front of her was the village and next to her sat the wolf with golden eyes. She looked at it surprised and stood up. She reached over to the wolf and gently felt its soft, thick pelt. It seemed to regard her for a moment before it stood up. Upon closer inspection it was obvious the wolf was quite old. Some of it's fur had turned white with age.

It turned around and quickly trotted off into the forest and the girl heard the calling of her mother before being scooped up into her arms and coddled as she scolded her for being gone and praised her for being home and safe.

After that day no one in the village reported seeing an old black wolf with yellow eyes, though a few had been caught in the forest. None had the same amber irises as the one the girl had seen. Despite that it had vanished the girl always regarded the wolf as her hero for it's strange and sudden kindness.

The End.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

I Guess It's Over Huh?

He's gone. He's gone and I'm not sure what to say other than

I wish we had, had more time together. I wish I could have only made him happier. Because that's all I've ever wanted for any of us. Just to be happy.

And I guess he was.

June Reynolds was probably the bravest person I'll ever know. I loved him more than I think any human being I've met before.

I can't say I'm not angry but I'm only sad. I only feel an emptiness where he was. This hollowness in me like a vacuum.

I wish I could just chuckle at his jokes and be done with it and move on but I can't. I can't I can't

All I think about is his stupid bangs always getting in his eyes and that stupid goofy grin on his face and his awkward flailing whenever he got embarrassed and how I won't have that anymore.

I don't care how selfish I sound but I want that back

I want my June back.

but that won't happen.

Friday, November 25, 2011


First off. I hope everyone had a decent Thanksgiving for all those who actually celebrate it. After reading through the blogs again its obvious that didn't fucking happen. Sorry everyone. That sucks. We had an okay one. Ate pizza and watched holiday specials mostly. 

Secondly Greg aka Glyphosate aka Lia's dad been doing alright. He does now regularly go back and forth between himself and what that tall freak turned him into. Its pretty easy to predict when it happens and he seems mostly harmless when it happens but we're prepared for it in case he tries anything so don't fret your already frazzled fucking heads. 

Thirdly, well shit. Lia's pretty broken up. Trying to be optimistic that it's like some comic book death and he'll just come back but... I honestly don't know. She really loved him y'know? She talked bout him a lot. Talked about how much she missed seeing him. Always about how much she wish she could help him more. Poor fuckin kids the both of em. Neither of them deserved any of this bullshit. None of us did but especially not those two. Right now, all I can do is be there for her. Greg's also been really supportive. He's been awesome actually, which is great. 

We're gonna go out and eat now. So I hope everyone stays safe and shit. I know you could all certainly use the break that Nick guy sort of gave us. (Thanks for that by the way) Hopefully Greg'll be thinking better.

Take care of yourselves, everyone.

Keep it together.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Obtainable Companion

I'm not sure what happened. Something snapped or something. Something clicked into place...

My father's here with us. He just showed up yesterday.

He said he was sorry for everything. That he didn't want to hurt us anymore.

That he just wanted to make sure I was okay and that he wanted to be here for me.

I'm so happy. Its hard to describe it.

Eating waffle with my father and Dy. Talking about how stupid deer are in the Spring. How we miss the mountains and the fresh air.

Its wonderful. So wonderful.

I know that this is going to be hard. Occationally he seems to slip back into the state he was before.

I always knew if he did come back that it wouldn't just magically be fast or easy.

It takes time to heal. I takes time to forget. It comes in pieces and sometimes those pieces aren't what you need.

Sometimes you slip but that doesn't mean you won't pick yourself up.

You will. You always do. You pick yourself up and you move along and eventually you come out of the darkness.

Eventually everything's okay. Not the same, but okay.

I'm just happy to have my dad back. :3

Stay safe everyone.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Hogoodness Updates/Adventures in Hyloland

Terribly sorry for not updating! Things have been rather boring but there are some developments on the front with my father.

It is a slow and arduous process trying to get him to come back over. To see through all the years of his mind being twisted around. We're doing it though. I can tell.

Occasionally he'll slip back in but I'm patient. He'll eventually come back over and I just know it. He even left me a gift.

It's a small pocket watch. Etched with a flower design on the back made out of circles that are all the same size looping into each other. It's beautiful and very handy.


Since I'm not sure what else to post about I'll just tell a story huh? You guys need some cheering up so you know what? Enjoy.

This is the story of the first time I ever got drunk.

Okay so basically I was 21 for the first time in... ever. So I thought "Man, I'm all alone on my birthday. Might as well try out this alcohol thing."

So I go to a bar. I do 21 shots of ... god knows what and drink I don't eve know how much liquor and beer and end up stumbling back to my hotel room after taking some people from the bar with me.

Well some how we got into a pillow fight. While being nearly black out drunk Don't ask me how we foudn the coordination to do this but we did. One guy was huge he was  a biker. I don't know why he was there but he was...

Well he takes his pillow and takes a swwing at me. And I was like 'Shit, I don't want to be knocked out' so I let if phase through me. Well everyone finds this extremely amusing and they have me perform tricks while doing this.

Stuff like walking through walls and then eventually destroying the t.v. by phasing into it and then unphasing. It was awesome.

So then finally everyone ends up leaving and I practically pass out and because of my lack of control I almost pass out by a wall but instead phaze into it and get stuck. So there I am. Staring awkwardly drunk beyond relief at a pair of strangers I don't even know, stuck magically in a wall.

So they end up having to actually call the fire department and they have to cut me out with a chainsaw and I end up falling asleep with a piece of plaster stuck around my chest in the police station.

In the morning I had to pay damages, apologize to those people, and having to make up a bunch of excuses as to what happened. but hey we ended up having breakfast together and you know what?

We got along well.

...And that's what happened last time I got drunk.

It was actually okay despite all that happened. I ended up discovering belgium waffles that morning with those people.

So you know what? Shit happens and life will get better. People will come around. Fate will do a pirouette and hand you a plate of waffles.

All of you take care alright?

Stay safe. Keep it together.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Good News/Strange Posts

So Konaa left as you could probably tell from his blog and has been creeped on by some....

Lets use the word 'lady' for this.

I'm sorry I can't be there for you right now, June. I wish I could help some way but... I'm just too far away.

On a better note my dad's been acting more normal when I speak to him.

He e-mails me a lot but I usually don't often answer him but his messages have been far more... coherent as of late and when I do answer him he seems to be less "We're going to be a family again/I'm only doing this to love you" and more "I'm sorry about things/I hope you are doing well".

I think its a good turn around. :3

Other than that I found a post on here that was unpublished. However, the date on it was for 10/23/05. Aka Six years ago from this date.

Along with it was this picture and message:
The ripened stars fall, like fruit upon the boughs.

Weird huh? Well apparently another blog got a strange message similar to the one we got last time, base 64 and vigenere cipher included.

We're talking to Mistletoe about it... seeing how things are.

Anyways, you all keep safe mkay?

Eat plenty of waffles!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Operation: What is Love? = Success!

We got June back!

We got him! We got him! We got him~!

Lets just say someone gave us a tip onto where his location was and we went there. There were only a couple proxies and Rhodes there.

Dy threw one a bout and the other ran off and we were both headed for June when Dy got cut off by that Jade girl.

She told me to keep going and I did. Dy can handle herself pretty well y'know?

So I ran into the room and there was one proxy, June, and It itself.

At that point I didn't care much about all the pain swelling in my head and the pounding in my skull. I had to take a second to gather myself up though.

Then some bitch tried to stab me! That guy... uh... Shift! He tried to shank me from behind.

So I hit him in the face with my bat. :I

No one tries to shank me.

No one.

So that kind of knocked me back into the right state of mind to just kind of run under its legs

At that point it didn't matter how scd2hlcmVpc215d2F0Y2g/dGFrZW9mZnlvdXJoYXQsc2hvcnRzdGFjay55b3UnbGxuZXZlcmR1Y2t0aHJvdWdod2l0aGl0b24uared I was I was going to make it through to June.

As I got out from under its legs the other proxy moved to stab June but I guess he managed to wake up and wiggle out in time to block it with his hand...

Then he sort of beat the poor bastard up with a chair and we got the hell out of there along with Dy and drove into the sunset after stereotypically 80's action movie making out.

I'm so happy to have him back... So happy...

Now we're going to recover and relax while we can...

Please take care everyone and stay safe.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Konaa's gone and I don't think I can get him back


It attacked us in our hotel room

it attacked us and we tried to get out and we did get outside somehow

Idunnoidontknowwhat happened

then we got in the car and Dy tried to start it

and Rhodes sat there. Sat there with the wiresofour car in hand

and Konaa ran at it... hissword drawn.

and then



he was gone

I can't...

I can't


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Goddamn, All Over The Carpet

So Konaa showed up. Fucken bleeding all over the place no less. Fell into the doorway, and muttered somethin about no hospitals about how they "wouldn't do any good."

Well we found out pretty fucken quick that was true. Hylo flipped a bitch seeing him like that and helped me lay down some towels and carry him over to an open spot in our motel room. We found where the source of the bleeding was and guess what? No fucken wound. Not a single scratch on this fucken kid.

So we put pressure on where the bleeding was and eventually it stopped, yeah. So now we're waiting for him to wake up. Can't get Hylo to move from his side. She gets so worried. She cares a lot about people, no matter who they are.

So now we're waiting for him to wake up. Trying to relax. Keepin the door locked and all the blinds drawn in the mean time.

EDIT: Looks like he woke up.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

EDIT: Okay so I did nooooot post this. I ran it through a couple code thingies so you can get the translation of this down below~


EDIT:  Here's all that crap translated...

Vhv ljlmavmsw wou peeheg. Wuetne ks miwv uerc ivg fmgas pjpgz jami yuvwg elsn vkc tkacbqbw tnojwtg.

Ezx kddssp ocxz ogg oek fejgjhoww mcld acnrxos.

Mjl agqdj-atglf bw vjpdrvmgc wbvo lwt skvthr wfsiadbu.

Kpe es gqa pgut kltorz.

Mlt ydzfor hje bu usl eodtqyewec aghh vy xaa htpkw kookljltfz xwwxf ukrbpy

Mjl wgrhzwycnsmis gcs kc knedbpn xzg bcsxmze.

Ls cgl hjoc aaaw vvastdj xmytj zspd, ivg owvwpx.

Voi kqpymxntutxtv dbg cabis tnvry yikl judw.

Mlt tacucsf doefz lau fzr fm dzx xgatg pyx mk lhul lwtsvpk.

Nsw zsavtb qxi lpeiu hpgpg klj meggih, opzmsrz popcyhk c frpxy dsezplxcp.

Dlx sohfz-agoae jtfwgpw izt uqvhxj ogg, osdfiek myc sq ei lws toewu.

Tag ipsekvrjx zfx gdntfu dlx coeflr gpe'j idyd, etwzacu vri mnumj.

Hrv oyjiqz? T otxrz ufqw mgoiwg alw dlfwxix.

Kh atdrcoo, axhchol. Xg vhv xju askxn, ld hjo ewregvbvw, vo klj xpuxri achq wewjelu, as lje yysn.

Hwegdet, rgkv ynixpkw, ogltsry, eg mlt epba zptjel.

Dl gstewyq qswki ngj gvot, ykr mjlvw crv qfhj lamcyh kjsga olnoiij jeii.

Wyxwfftj ic dbmgc yhwy japejx mue sgh ngjf ykpdenz uoswu, aeh iiy'l ysgyth ayyk pifg-wmwee.

Rri ud seapqh,

Sptsr uont zxsa.

Oh dear my timepiece broke.

Uuhhh uhmmm...

This is a problem. This is going to be so displaced. What is that? What who sent that?

Oh. I did? No I didn't. No it wasn't me. It was a part of me.

No not a part of me. No not that.


Oh wait I remember seeing this. This was strange. Now it makes sense so much sense.

Oh what? Alright, Bazmuss. I should go go, don't leave me hanging on like a yo-yo.

I need to go. I need to go.

All the petals are hands. All the roots are arms.

All of us, we are lights.

We are stars.

The path is so long.

What the fuck WHAT THE FUCK. Okay so that first bit of gibberish is vigenere cipher. I can't translate it without a key. :C

So I have no idea what that means. 



Sunday, September 18, 2011

An Update

Not much has happened for the passed... almost week.

Not even anything supernatural. Just a few sightings of Glyph's people and... maybe Glyph? I'm not entirely sure. We've just been laying low. Trying to relax and keep quiet after everything that's happened.

My bruises are nearly gone. My cheeks all better as well. I'm a fast healer. :3

Well... mostly because Dy makes me eat well and takes care me really well. Its wonderful that she's here. I don't think I would have made it otherwise, without her.

Anyways, we're just going to be laying low. Maybe we can meet up with a couple of you guys? I think that'd be nice. Right now I'll just give you the general area of central Jersey as to where we are.

Really? In Montana? My family would drive six hours to see my great aunt. So driving to meet up with some of you guys wouldn't be out of the question at all.

You know, Dy has a lot of money saved up. She doesn't seem to buy much though. I guess her old jobs paid a lot. Then again, I'm not entirely sure of all the jobs she's done in the past. I'll have to ask her about them later.

Anyways, just wanted to keep you all updated!

Don't be hesitant to ask to meet up.

Be safe and take care of yourselves~

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Old Ghosts

I'm stupid. Goddammit I am so stupid sometimes.

I left the hotel room for five minutes and I ended up running into Jake.

He's not the same as before. I can at least tell you that. He's just out for blood the only reason I'm alive is because of Glyph.

I decided to leave the hotel room for a bit on account of being stuck in one for the passed week. I was getting a bit stir crazy so I needed some fresh-air. Well I got to the gas station with no problem but when I was leaving I noticed someone walking behind me.

I turned at at first I didn't notice him because it was so dark out. He waved and I waved back. I was more concerned he was one of Glyph's people.

Then he started walking faster and I turned again and I saw his face and the look in his eyes told me he was not there for a lovely tea party so I booked it.

He almost caught up with me once but I managed to duck into an alley. Unfortunately that alley came to a dead end.

He asked me where Elaine was the look in his eye and the smile on his face told me this wasn't the man I met months ago. I told him I didn't know. He hit me in the stomach

I fell to my knees but I wasn't ready to just give up. I thought about ghosting or phasing and I realized I'd prefer this than attracting the attention of tall dark and faceless.

He told me I deserved what I got if I was willing to be hurt for her. I dont' remember what I said but he punched me in the face and told me she destroyed Cam then asked why I defended her.

I told him its because she's a friend, because I care about her and he kicked me in the ribs and aimed a gun at my head.

He asked me again where she was and I just told him I didn't know again. I looked up at him and I saw a glint behind him that caught my eye and a harpoon landed between him and I.

He turned around to see Glyph hop down from the building and aimed his harpoon gun he still had for whatever reason. Glyph said "Get the fuck away from my daughter." and promptly shot Jake in the shoulder.

Jake said something to Glyph but I don't really remember because I was distracted by my ribs hurting like a bitch. Glyph pulled me up and told Jake to get out of his sight. That he wasn't going to murder someone in front of his daughter.

Jake finally ran off and told me Konaa was next.

Glyph looked me over and looked at me sadly and concerned. He gently touched my cheek and sighed and said "Oh dear... look at what he's done to you..." and then hugged me. I was so tired... so hurt at that point. I just let him. I knew from the look in the eye he wasn't going to try anything.

He stroked my hair and then left an arm around me as he led me to a truck and sat me down. He got out a first aid kit and bandaged me up a little. "Dysis should take you to the hospital... just in case." He said as he looked at me.

I looked at him and watched him fix up my cheek. The smell of fresh band-aids. The sting of antiseptic. All of it reminded me of how things used to be and I couldn't help but cry. He hugged me again and told me everything was going to be okay.

I asked him why this was happening and he looked at me sadly and said, "Because sometimes, Maggie, fate just plays our cards for us."

I hugged him and asked him if I could go back to the hotel room. He said yes and helped me along to the hotel room. I got there and explained everything to Dy. She hugged me and took me to the hospital

Nothing wrong so far... just bruised side, my cheek is swollen, and my stomach hurts.

Konaa please be safe. Jake isn't the same as he was. He's going to kill you if he doesn't get what he wants... He almost did it to me without hesitation.

So please, dont' hesitate. Don't reason with him. He's too deep in his own pain to see through it.

All the rest of you... keep on the look out as well.

Take care of yourselves.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Quick Summary Of Things

I've noticed we've had some new readers around and I thought I'd just write up what's happened so far since currently Dy and I are kind of just laying low and moving around constantly.

And I've kind of been post  happy because of certain events as of late. Not much you can do about it but atleast I can make it easier for you guys.


So basically my parents died when I was 18. After I graduated from high-school I took my inheritance and left my home town and my sister behind.

Over the 4 years of wandering aimlessly while being a sad panda strange stuff started happening. Disappearing out of existence and reappearing are only a few.

There were a lot of signs I missed, because frankly, I just didn't care.

However, one night that thing showed up, and me having my pity party didn't take it seriously and sort of ignore the warning signs. I was probably also in denial about it.

I'm kind of stupid sometimes if you haven't noticed. XD

Though It kept showing up and I got into blogs more and I started to realize I was in some deep shit. Eventually a proxy showed his head calling himself, Glyphosate.

As time went on I started gathering clues about my odd predicament. Eventually I found out there's some ancient power at work that attracts well... monsters, to me.

A few nasty things showed up. Specifically some shape changing shadow thing and then tall dark and faceless constantly mind fucking me.

Well the shadow thing seemed to have hindered Glyphosate's progress for the most part until finally he confronted me a second time and I found out that he is my father. He'd faked his own death and ended up following tall dark and faceless.

I'll go more into his story later.

Problem with monsters is sometime they're impatient. So eventually the bear attacked me and I was saved by fuck, I dunno, otherworldly things? Anyways, I ended up on the East Coast. I met a bunch of new friends. Went to a wedding. Met my traveling buddy Dysis.

And then that shadow thing showed up int he form of a bear. It chased us around a while. Dy suplexed it once. And then we ended up killing it finally.

So now we're trying to lay low and just keep moving. Probably review some waffles. Learn how to knit. Try and solve a rubix cube. You know. Idle for now.

So yeah. There you go. My crazy ass, action packed, rainbow colored, waffle induced, adventure a crossed the country, and through time and space.

As always, you guys stay safe. Eat plenty of waffles.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Finally! Dy and I got release from the hospital!

Nothing too special to report. They pretty much cleared Dy of any internal injuries, infections, and gave us a big jar of silvadene cream and pretty much just told us to knock ourselves out doing whatever.

Though Dy's ribs are still bruised pretty bad. They've gotten much much better the passed couple days. Which is good.

Ribs are the worse thing to get hurt. You can't take a deep breath without it hurting.

She's also happy to be off of the pain medication they had her on... considering she kept saying super awkward things. XD

Oh Dy you are so funny when you're drunk.


I uhm... I'm better since I got the locket. Honestly, its really nice to have a memento of my mother's. I didn't get much from either of my parents after they died. I left home pretty fast. I didn't take much of anything.

Anyways... since the bears gone I'm pretty sure Glyph is going to be gunning for us now. I can only hope Dy and I can hold him off while we try and figure out our next plan of attack.

Or just...

What the fuck ever we're going to be doing.

Right now we're just avoiding getting murdered or kidnapped.

I think generally that's a good plan of attack for anyone.

Alrighty guys. We're off to drive around aimlessly for a bit.

All of you stay safe!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I got a delivery today from my father.

It's a locket my mother used to have with a picture of my family in it.

I just...

I can't handle this...

I can't keep up with this.

I want to see my dad so badly but... I can't.

I'm sorry guys.

I'm sorry.

Its just hard to think about it sometimes, but I can't just shove all my feelings in a box.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Slendy Loves Cats

I don't even know where this joke came from. I'm pretty sure it was just that last picture I drew.

Anyways, since we're stuck in this hospital I've been drawing stuff to cheer up Dy and to keep my mind off of everything. Here is the stupidest one to date.

Based off of this video.

Enjoy this silly silly stupid ass thing I just drew.

I love you guys.

Stay safe everybody!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Last Night

Oh... my god...

Oh my god. Oh my god.

Alright. Uhm. Let me explain. We're safe... we're in the hospital. Because we're both a bit worse for wear... but it as fucking worth it.

The bear is dead. Dead deadarific dedalicious dead as dead can be dead.

So basically I was just writing a post last night you know? When we heard screaming. Dysis looked outside and sure enough it was trying to maul someone outside.

Dysis said to pack things up so I did we went outside and I waved at it and yelled at it. It noticed me. It was missing an eye and one of the harpoons was still stuck in it.

It roared and ran at us so Dy and I got in the car and it rammed the car so hard it almost flipped over. We pulled out of there and started driving into the city. This town's pretty small... pretty empty. Lots of alleys. Perfect for our plan.

So we drove around some, leading it trying to waste the night and bide time. We did till about four or five...

Pretty soon we hit a dead end and it crawled on top of our car. That was not good. So we both got out and fucking ran. Of course it followed after.

Thankfully it seemed really delusional. It was having a hard time keeping up. It kept bumping into things and having a hard time with corners, but it was desperate.

Some how we didn't notice it following (And I'm pretty sure we got lost) and out of no where it was in front of us and it jumped on Dy and swiped at her and tore three gashes from her shoulder to her sternum then clawed at her side but thankfully only scratched her.

 So what did Dy do?

She punched it in the face.

Then she got so angry she grabbed it by its jaws and tore them open so wide she tore off its lower jaw and started beating it in the face with it till it backed off enough she could wiggle away.

She was losing a lot of blood though so I pulled her up and I started to drag her away as the bear was trying to comprehend the fact that someone just tore off part of its face and almost beat its head in with it.

I started to run with her again looking for the car when we found it after fucking wandering for a long goddamn time.  Dysis was losing a lot of blood and was starting to get a bit woozy.

So I set her on the car and opened up the passenger side when it grabbed me by my leg and started thrashing me around on the ground. Dy went to the trunk and I heard her open it then I heard carpet tearing and her swearing.

It started to claw at me and slam me into the pavement when it screamed in pain and I felt nauseous for some reason and my head began to pound. The Bear seemed to notice as well because I heard Dy's lighter click then the bear let out a scream and backed off me.

I sat up to see Dy smashing a Molotov into the bear, lighting part of her arm on fire. She didn't seem to notice because she stepped forward with this black ax I've never seen her use before and she started hacking at the bear and yelling all sorts of stuff I couldnt' understand until its head finally came off and rolled away and it flopped to the ground.

The tar covering its body began to turn to dust and blow away.

Dy threw the axe in the trunk of the car in disgust then pat herself out and smiled at me and kneeled down before looking me over and hugging me.

We heard someone let out a gasp and we both looked to see a man standing  in the alleyway. Dy muttered something about him going to go call the police when he turned and started to back up.

And it lept on him. It slithered its way around him... atleast what was left of it... the tar stuff that is.

The man screamed in pain and it covered is face and spread over him. He staggered over and knocked Dy away and tried to grab me up. I rolled under the car and I think I posted this (Time stamps are off but I'll investigate this later) just to calm myself the fuck down.

I noticed the sun coming up so I rolled out from under the car, but it grabbed me and hoisted me up. Its maw began to open up again and I did the only think that I could think of doing.

I did what Dy would do.

I kicked it in the balls.

Which apparently had feeling still because it screamed and dropped me and started thrashing around.

The sun was nearly high enough that the light was coming over the mountains. It screamed and ran for the alley way but I grabbed its leg and tried to hold it back.

It kicked me in the shoulder and in the head a couple times so I let go and it got up. Dy grabbed it pulling it back. I got up and started to as well and we both picked it up and started to pull it back.

Finally as the sun peeked over the mountains it let out a scream, and like a fucking vampire in a movie it burst into fiery ash and withered away.

All of us collapsed, the man included.

We all laid there a little while before Dy said. "Did you.... did you kick it in the balls?"

I said "Yeah..."

and then we bumped fists and got up.

We dragged the guy into our car and drove to the hospital. We told them some... fuck I don't even remember what I told them but there was camping and fire and then... this guy.

Anyways we're both sitting comfortably in hospital beds. Dy needs it more than I do. I had some bruises and some scratches. A few of which needed stitches.

Dy had the gashes on her chest and some scrapes, bruises, and then some burns on her arm and the palms of her hands. We think her hip re-dislocated when it threw her away from me and she bruised a couple ribs.

The guy's fine. He attributes his weird memory of it to him apparently drinking all night. I just said we found him and thought he needed help and they accepted that.

So anyways... yeah. Just relaxing here in the hospital... watching bad soap opera's and eating pudding. Dy's sleeping. See above for the reason why.

This pudding is probably bad but right now it tastes sooooo goooood

Its gone though... and that's one less problem.

We'll uhm... keep you all updated okay? I would have posted earlier but... fuck. We were either sleeping or getting patched up.

All of you keep safe and don't do stupid stuff like us. We're horrible role models. :P

Bye for now.



Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So we managed to sleep in a nice hotel for a while where we could get a couple nights decent rest.

Now we're in this crappy little motel and we're going to be up for a while.

In the mean time Dysis keeps slipping on names and stuff. I know she keeps stuff from me. I may be all over the place but I notice stuff too.

I think the sleep deprivation might just be getting to her. She's been in a good mood as of late so I cant complain about that huh?

Anyways so, yeah we're stuck in crappy hotels again sta

Oh fuck

I gotta go. Its show time.

Fucking bear is back.

I'm sick of this. If I'm not back you all know my goodbyes already

brb kicking monsters in the face

Monday, August 22, 2011


So someone stopped by the otherday and dropped off a letter for me... from Cam.

I uhm... I'll just post it here for you all to read.

I didn't know Cam for long. But he was a wonderful man and his words have made me feel better. They make me feel like I can take this on more than ever. I'm going to keep eating waffles, keep looking for answers, and keep overcoming anything that is thrown at me.

I have to. I want to live. I want to see the world. I want to be further confused by it and bewildered and amazed. I want to see every beautiful thing it has to offer me.

For the first time in years I've wanted to live. And I'm not going to let go of that feeling easily.

Also, goddammit, was Konaa and I that apparent? XD I guess I really am bad at hiding that kind of stuff. All of this awkward romance nonsense. I am honestly horrible with it. I only hope Konaa can break out of his predicament... no I know he will.

Anyways. All of you take care, alright?

Don't stop believin'.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Holy fucking shit. We're fucking tired. Both of us.

We've been trying to stay in cheap motels with crappy outdoor doors and patios to lure out the bear but it isn't working, so we're staying some where fucking safe and getting a decent nights rest.

I've been making Hylo sleep more than I have. She doesn't sleep well enough as it is with her nightmares.

Fucking ay... well at least when I wake up I have been feeling pretty damn good. Dunno why. Maybe I'm having good dreams or something for fucking once.

Anyways, we might resort to other measures to lure out the bear if we get the goddamn chance, but that'd mean attracting tall and faceless again. Which is just something we don't fucking want. Avoiding that at all costs at this point. 

Glyph's been wearing down on Hylo but at least he hasn't tried to fucking maul us in a motel room.

Fuck anyways... 

Keep safe you guys. Take better fucking care of yourselves than we have...

Catch you on the flip side!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Family Matters

Hylo this time guys.

Just wanted to make an  update to say that Dysis and I are pretty much waiting out the bear. We have a plan for when it shows up again but since its hard to track and its getting desperate we decided it be best to wait for it.

Now just so you all know this plan is typically crazy as to match the insanity of this monster. I'm not sure we can pull it off but we have to.

My noggin's doing fine. They just want to make sure my brain isn't swelling. Or I should say Dysis wants to make sure. She's very, very over protective sometimes. Its kind of funny.

She's like this big bad-ass woman who suplexed a bear but when something happens to me she turns into this overly motherly big-sister figure who coddles me.

She said my sister was doing well, that she was sent to actually bring me back home, but after reading about my circumstances she decided that, that was not a good idea, and decided to just travel with me through this.

I'm really thankful for her help. Without her I'd be dead or I would have broken by now...

He keeps sending me e-mails, Glyph does. My dad. He keeps checking up on me. Asking how I've been. I usually only respond with one word answers.

I think that's what makes this the hardest. He is my dad. He really is. He just wants me to be safe... but safe to him has been... warped or something. So that now the only way he believes I'll be safe is if he drags me off to tall and faceless.

Its okay though. I'm going to make it out of this. I'm going to help my dad. I'm going to help Dysis.

We're going to make it through this. We're going to get what we want.

Thank you guys for reading.

Take care of yourselves.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Hey everyone. Dysis here. Uuhh not much to report on Hylo and I's end except that we're kind of waiting out the bear till it turns up again. Yes I can post that because I'm pretty sure It cant read, because our door had a "Do Not Disturb" sign on it and it just barged in anyways.

Anyways, Hylo had another check up about her noggin the other day so I left her there while I did some hiking. I don't give a shit if slender is out there. I need fresh air and the smell of trees sometimes. While out there I remembered another one of my tales from when I was a youth.

So let me give you a frame of reference or what the fuck ever. When I was young I just ran all over the goddamn place. Just fucking explored everything I could in the woods because I knew how to get home. So I pretty much memorized it. My teenage years I started getting more confrontational. Joined the football team of my high school even, because I could fucking slam people. I'm also pretty damn durable if you haven't noticed.

Then after highs-school I pretty much took up a job cutting up firewood, and delivering it to older people who lived in cabins who couldn't get it themselves or just lazy fucks. I'd come back in town afterward, go to a bar, get in a fight, and then go home afterwards. Then I ran into slender shit and things started to spiral, and lets just say some other tales I will tell you later happened and I got really fucking angry for a while. Like, I just didn't give a shit. I'd start a fight with anything or anyone that looked at all threatening. Which is how I got these five round scars on my chest and stomach.

There is a lot of paranormal stuff in the back woods as it turns out. But most of them just want to be left alone. Hence why they're all the way hidden in the back woods, just kind of chilling. I'd go out there to think though. and one day I ran into a nasty looking thing. I'll get Hylo to draw it one of these days but it can be best describe as an elk, with no hair or skin on its head/face, black fur, red glowing things looking out from it eye sockets, and cob webs all over its horns.

At that time I was pretty pissed all the time and I thought it was something bad. I was wrong. So I uh... confronted it to say the least. I yelled at it threatened it, and it got really fucking angry at me. So it charged and being the dumbass because I was pissed at the time it gored me pinned me into a tree with on of its antlers. Not hard enough to go through my bone but it burned and stung and it hurt like a bitch. I coughed up some blood and immediately thought. "This was fucking stupid" and then looked down at it pondering what to do.

If I didn't do something it'd keep pushing on me till I was dead o the first thing I did was put my boot on its head and held it back. After about 20 seconds of thinking I decided there wasn't much I could do. So I grabbed both of its horns, put a foot on the tree and twirled almost, hard enough, that I broke off both antlers.  It let go and backed off and stared at me before running off. So I was left standing there with one antler lodged into me and holding another. I didn't pull out the lodged one because I had no clue what it would do.

And the first thing I thought when I looked down at myself was "Fuck, how am I supposed to drive with this?"

That was the first thing. Fuck, I'm brilliant sometimes...

Anyways so I some how maneuvered the antler so I could drive and went to the hospital where everybody looked pretty horrified at me. They pulled it out carefully and I got some nice scars to show for my stupidity.

Y'know not everything is bad out there. Some shit just wants to be left alone. Also don't get angry. It makes you really fucking stupid.

Welp, we better head out. We're going north for a bit just to try and bide our time.

Like Hylo always says, keep safe you guys.

Don't punch bears in the face.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Swear I Will Punch Every Bear In The Face - Dysis, 1 Minute Ago

So yeah. The bear is back, and its given us one hell of a run right now. Uhm... fuck

I'm really really tired. We ended up sleeping in the hospital last night. I'll tell you Dysis has a talent at making make-shift beds from random shit.

Anyways so this pretty much all started actually a day ago. Our hunch about that pour mauled soul we found was correct. The bear was leaving us little presents like a fucking cat or something. Because the next day we were informed by the front desk of the motel that someone just outside got mauled.

We pretty much got the hell out of there drove as far and as fast north as we could till we were both almost passing out and finally stopped at a motel and passed out almost immediately.

I woke up to hearing scratching. Dysis had woken up to it busting through the door. That's right. The fucking door. She managed to light something on fire, which it didn't like and ushered it into the bathroom and locked it there. We grabbed our stuff and started running.

Right when I threw my bags into the car it grabbed me, it fucking pildrived me to the ground and I rolled a bit. Dysis yelled to run and I did exactly that. I did the only thing at that point I thought I could, I ran into the wood.

My reasoning being if anything else showed up it would end up fighting with the bear for me. And if tall and facless showed up it would definitively kill the bear or they would severely hurt each other.

So yeah I ran through the woods and thankfully I'm pretty fast now after all the running and the fact my adrenaline was probably going crazy.

I managed to evade it by ducking around trees it couldn't maneuver around and hopping over stuff it couldn't avoid. It finally grabbed the back of my pant leg and sent me rolling down a hill and into a tree.

It did what it did last time, instead of just running up and tearing me to shreds it got up close to me. It came over slowly while I was still dazed from hitting my face into a tree and it was inches from my face as I pressed agianst the tree. It stared into my eyes with those empty white ones and it... it...

It spoke.

It was garbled and rough. Like there was something soft stuck in it throat...

It said, "Little star. I will eat your light."

It opened up its maw to to eat me. Its jaws opened way farther than they should have and then... It howled in pain and rolled over and away from me. When I turned to see who it was it was my father holding an harpoon gun. The harpoon stuck deep in the side of the bear.

He turned to me and yelled. "Maggie! Get back up the hill! Run!"

And right when I looked up the hill I saw Dysis slide down with a fire axe in tow. She had this look in her eye I had never seen before. It was like all this anger she held in was boiling over.

She slid down and kicked the bear in the face and then swung the axe into its neck and began chopping at it as she stepped onto its neck and it thrashed around.

My father pulled me up and pulled up his mask as he looked at me. He looked worried and looked at my forehead a moment then said, "Maggie get back up the hill and to your vehicle. It was straight that way." he pointed.

I couldn't do anything but nod and run. I swear I  heard him mutter something like "Please stay safe." as I ran from him and up the hill. I turned around again to see Dysis stomping and chopping at it as it roared and thrashed She was relentless as she did.

And my father walked up pulling out a another harpoon from the gun as Dysis looked up and saw him and took a step back. I turned and ran at that point. Dysis can fill you in on what happened.

Okay so Lia fucking ran after that I guess uhh... its hard to remember but the guy, Glyph or whatever. Shot the bear with the second harpoon at that point it turned to him as he loaded the third one and charged and Glyph shot it in the face. It looked like it was in a lot of pain but didn't die and it tackled Glyph and pinned him.

Now I wasn't having any of that bull shit so I grabbed the things top jaw with my hands and yanked it backwards. I don't fucking know how I managed that but I'm petty sure it was because I was hulking out on account of how fucking angry I was.

Now I pulled the fucker back and threw it down so it was stuck upside down and I punched it in the goddamn throat. it roared and Glyph shot it a fourth time. So we fucken continued to rail on it. About this time it was 5:45 I think. And the sun started coming up. And I think the fucking thing noticed that. So it managed to flop onto its side and fucken grabbed my hip and threw me into Glyph before it got up and ran like all hell away from us into the trees further.

I got up and grabbed my axe. Glyph picked up one of the harpoons it left behind and frowned a bit angrilly in its direction then looked at me and said, "Thank you for keeping Maggie safe... Keep her close." now at this point I was feeling a bit exhausted and my hip fucking hurt after my adrenaline was wearing off. So I just said "No problem." and then limped back up the hill. I got to Lia and we went to the hospital to get her noggin checked out. The bear didn't break skin but my hip fucking hurt so we did an x-ray to make sure it wasn't broke. They put Lia on observation over night to make sure everything was okay. 

Uhh... I'll just hand this back over to her now.

So yeah. We got out. Everything's fine in my head and now we're at a diner eating because we're starved... its been a really long night and day.

But we have a plan for when it shows up again. Atleast Dysis has devised a plan for if it shows up again which, we don't know how long that'll be because she and my father well Glyph both did a lot of damage.

So now we're kind of just recuperating. Dysis's hip seems fine. She won't stop complaing about it though. I though she was a big bad lumberjack or something

LumberJILL thankyouverymuch and I can complain all I want about a fucking bear throwing me.

Anyways yeah we're just chillaxing until we get better. We're both alive though both fine. Both functional despite any protests Dysis has...

All of you keep safe and alive alright? Alright.

Keep rocking, party people.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Museums and Snuggles

So Dysis and I had to visit one last college in DC along with some offices and ended up with nothing to show for our progress...

-le sigh-

Well instead of being bummed we visited the Natural History Museum and visited with Konaa and H! And it was... eventful to say the least...

First off Dysis made boyfriend jokes the whole way there which resulted in me calling her mom a lot.

You, Behave.


Okay jokes aside I felt... well... It felt wonderful to see Konaa safe and sound. I gave him a tight hug when I saw him.
It was... it was way better than I've felt in the past couple weeks.

We ended up looking around at stuff while Dysis and H hung back. H apparently was having some problems so she went to the bathroom and Dysis followed after so Konaa and I could have some alone time.

I've... Never been kissed. Ever. By a boy I liked no less. I've never even been on a date before. I wasn't much of a lady killer or a... whatever the opposite of that is, but when Konaa kissed me I felt like everything would work out. I felt like I was going to make it.

No I felt like I wanted to make it. I want this to last. I want to be able to be happy with him.

So uh yeah. I guess we're a couple now. :)



Anyways, H apparently has been having problems with compulsions because of slender stuff... so Dysis and I gave them a ride back to where they were staying and we said our good byes before we left.

I'm not quite sure what we're going to do now, but Dysis has some work to do and I'll be happy to help her with whatever she needs helping with.

Goodnight all. I'm off to dreamland.

All of you take care of yourselves. <3

Friday, August 5, 2011

Uneventful trips/I hate finding dead things

So the search for that girl is apparently continuing. Dysis says they haven't found much of her. They're sending out descriptions and pictures of her all over the place though. I hope they find her and he get whatever help she needs.

In the mean time we drove down to the bottom of the state to visit a college and guess what?! Nothing. My mom was there but didn't leave any research behind so now we're heading down to DC.

Something semi exciting did happen though. Dysis brought me out road to get a second opinion on what I thought of the whole scene. It was pretty gross and I felt nervous. I'd just have to say what Dysis said is probalby true.

The girl probably cut her wrists and then blacked out before waking back up and walking around again.

Its really fucking weird but the fun didn't stop there when we were going back to Dysis's car we found a dead/mauled person on the side of the road

They were wearing a mask

God dammit. If that was what I think it was I'm glad we got the hell out of that place.

So yeah going to DC. Anyone in the nearby states want to hang out. Because I have a feeling DC doesn't have anything to offer and if that's the case I'm going to be kind of bummed

And really? We can drive anywhere to meet anyone. Dysis said she's perfectly fine with it. And driving around here is nothing like home where it takes 6 hours to see relatives.

Anyways yeah we're just moving along trying to keep busy.

You all keep safe mkay?
I'll see you later.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Over sickness/Weird things

So Dysis dropped me off on campus while she got called out to find someone. Its part of her work you know? She got sent out to look for a girl who apparently drove up to the woods and ran into the forest in a suicidal fervor.

I've been feeling much better and the fever's pretty much gone now.

I wandered around mostly because the person I talked to had to dig up old files and such. I contemplated a few things in the halls of scholarly thingamajigs and finally just ended up rolling around in a rolly chair for probably a half an hour before they brought the files to me.

And then....

They didn't have anything I didn't already know. So I went to the nearest McDonald's and played in the kids area.

However weird shit was a apparently happening to Dysis so I'll let her explain that.

Hey there. Its me again. So yeah, like Hylo mentioned I got called up for a job finding a suicidal girl that ran off into a forest and... weird shit happened to say the least. Not as weird as some things I have seen but it always getcha you know? Anyways so I followed the trail from the car and further into the woods. Yeah I know right? A runner surrounded by trees? Well it didn't do shit so I guess it was preoccupied iwth something else or something.

Anyways I follow the trail till the end and she was no where in sight so I decided to go off the path and I wandered around looking for some where you'd probably want to die and then I found it. It was this little pool with a waterfall falling into it. everything was lush and green around it. Beautiful if you ask me. Perfect for any one to look at as their final sight on this earth.

There was fucking blood all over the place and that shit worried me. Looks like it pooled up but then after that she moved around a lot. It was smeared on rocks and shit everywhere. Drops all over the fucking place. Looks like she fell over a couple times before she went into the wood. I followed her blood trail into woods and found a lot more on trees and on leaves. Eventually I got to the side of the highway where I found  a small puddle of blood with probably three teeth in it. They weren't pulled out though. Pulled teath usually have a bit of gums or muscle on them. Sometimes are fractured a bit. These were like... they just fell out.

It was fucking weird as hell so I left and told them what I found and suggested they put out a broadcast to people who have picked out any hitchhikers fitting the girl's description. Told them to be cautious about it too. I didn't like the look of this shit. Its like she tried to kill herself and then just got up and stumbled into the highway and spit out a couple teeth before getting picked up by someone.

Right-o. Werid things. Not that surprising to be honest.

So we have two more colleges to visit. In the mean time we might have to contact a few of you guys for possible places to stay.

You guys all stay safe and get your daily recommended amount of waffles.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

In which Hylo makes a feverish attempt at creating literature

So I was going to make a quick post about how Hylo's sick with a fever but then I found this post waiting here with the time stamp for 3:00 am last night.

I guess her sleeping habits don't change for when she's horribly sick and she still remembers what she wanted to post about.

Anyways, here's the post: 

the bear the bear

I'm in my house its perfect my house so perfect

I love it I love the smell of this placet smells like home
Shut up I love the smell of home
I love lots of smells

I love how Dysis smells like forest
I love how Mom smelled like flowers
I love the smell of waffles
I love how that boy smells
I love how

No no no
I can't love that anymore
I can't love him he isn't the same anymore Dad isn't the same

Dad you left me why did you leave I loved you I loved you and you still love me why do you loveme
thiswould be soo much easier if you hated me now
If you didn't think you loved me if you yelled at me and cursed at me
If you raised your hand
but you don't you open your arms for a hug
why hwyhw
you're my dad still but you arn't
and the bear the fucking bear the one that slipped throught ewindow the one that smells like rotting flesh and shadows and dead flowers and dead trees and dead dead

I remember it i dn't tell because I didn't want you to worry i love you guys. I love you I loveyou Iloveyou I remember details I remember the pain I remember the feel of the carpeet when my face rubbed on it. I remember the pain of the muscles in my leg tearing open.

I remember how helpless I felt when it hit me on the desk. I remember how scared I felt when it dragged me along and threw me against eh window I remember how I gave up when it bit into my wrist and picked me up I remember the burning as it began to try and devour me.

Ir emember the hope I felt when he pulled me out. I remember the desperation as I grabbed my laptop and bag. I remember how weak I felt when I got my bag I remember how comforted I felt when the bear didn't hurt him. I remember

I'm going to make it guys I am I am going to survive

Both of us three of us all four five all of us
Deliveries and sword bearers and sages and researchers
every single one of us
we're going to make it
Even stars and messengers and poets and

I love you. I love you so much all of you esecially you you looks so cute when you look at me you look so you feel so warm so warm why did I say that I should sleep

I don't typ quiet dysis
will wake up
okay goodnight my loves. Goodnight
I love you
I love you all so much
we're all going to make it.
all of us will be happy
all happy

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Night Terrors/University/Home

Alrighty, kids and... adults.

Eh most of you are younger than me so you're kids to me. Anyways Hylo sleepin away right now. Its been a big day and last night was... long. So I'll start from the beginning of last night. Hylo's sleeping schedule pretty much consists of regularly waking up in the dead of night watching internet videos and then going to sleep. It doesn't seem to affect her much except lat night was different.

Mainly being she woke up once. Muttered something about tea parties and sharks and then promptly went back to sleep. After about an hour of tossing around she woke me up screaming fucking bloody murder. When I got up to check on her she had dug her fingernails into her left cheek and scratched deep into it. I didn't ask at first what it was about because I was too busy cleaning out her scrapes n' putting band-aids on them.

Jesus fucking Christ she broke a nail she dug so hard. I clipped them for her and stayed up with her till she fell asleep again. She didn't wake up that night at all. In the morning she was really tired so I bought her some waffles, which cheered her up a lot. We went and visited a clinic so she could get properly checked out and get her scrapes cleaned out. I asked her about it and she told me but he said she'd make a post about it later.

We went to a University. I won't say which one but we didn't find any of her mom's research. Which was a shame but Hylo seemed to enjoy how nice it was and just have a quiet walk. She bought a book from the book store on campus called Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli. It suits her I think. She read that all today driving until she fell asleep. We're at a hotel right now hanging out.

Hylo asked me today where exactly I was from and I explained I'm from Montana same as her, and then I got to tell her the good news. Her sister asked me to look after her. Yes. Hylo's sister was a good friend of mine for the past few years before I moved to the east coast. She knew I had been through some weird stuff and asked me to find her. Coincidentally I found out who Hylo was exactly and where she was via the post about Cam's wedding. I was on my way to NYC when I met her by chance.

Hylo's sister asked me because I used to work for the forest service finding people. I knew the woods where I lived inside and out. Thats how I met Him. I was looking for a couple kid that got lost... let's just say I found them alright. They were going down the fucking path hand in hand with him. 

I was walking down this game trail that forked off looking for them. Kids are smart. They follow well worn paths. So I got to the fork and looked down one end then when I turned to the other, all the trees were black. The trail was littered with black leaves and pine needles. He was standing there staring at me and holding their hands, and when I stepped on the path to go after them it fucking slammed me to the ground with the pressure. I looked up to see him turn around and walk off with them. By the time I could get back up they were gone. I have no idea what happened to them... but I have a pretty good idea that they're dead.

After that not much happened. I saw him every once in a while and it scared the shit out of me but it was never horrible. I ran into proxies and other monsters in the woods but those are stories for another time...

So now Hylo's sleeping like a rock and I'm going to bed soon too. Its been along day and a long night prior. Hylo will give her usual perky post in a day or two. So you guys all keep safe and keep sane and don't fucking die or anything.

Like Konaa and Hylo used to joke about, I will waggle my finger at you, so help me.

They're kind of cute together.

So goodnight. Everyone. See y'all later.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Picking Ourselves Up

I ended up waking up this morning feeling better...

I don't know why. Maybe I had a good dream? I still didn't feel much up to leaving my bed today and up until noon Dysis was gone probably doing some of her own work or whatever.

When she came back she walked in and stared at me and then said. "Hylo, let go get some ice cream." I shook my head and nuzzled back into the nest I made and told her I didn't want to go.

Then her demeanor shifted. Let me tell you Dysis is about 4 or 5 inches taller than me and athletically built. She has good musculature. Honestly she could probably lift me over her head.

She said  "HYLO. LETS. GET. SOME. ICECREAM." I immediately got up and pulled on my shoes and jacket saying something like "Ohsureonesecletmegetmyshoes!"

So yeah we got some icecream. It was pretty awesome, and I felt much better when it was over. Dysis offered to travel with me and asked me what I was planning to do. I told her and she decided to stick with me.

I gladly took it. I don't think I should be alone for a while. Dysis seems like a nice woman. She explained some about how he knows about Him. She'll explain that some other time here.

Elaine, keep it together mkay? I wish I knew what to say to make you feel better but I don't think I do.

Konaa, please take care of yourself, mkay? Don't give up okay? None of us have given up on you.

We're traveling now to another college. I won't say where. I'll keep you guys updated as usual and Dysis will probably post here as well. She's interesting you know?

Keep safe everyone, Keep it together.
Thanks for sticking with me.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Welp she's awake

Thought I'd just give you all a quick update that Hylo woke up and she's doin alright... now atleast.
She actually woke up probably an hour or two ago and started crying. I've read this blog a little so I went and got her some coffee and a waffle and that seemed to make her feel better because she fucking devoured them  like like the fucking kraken and then stopped crying. I explained who I was and she seems okay with it... well... I think. Its hard to tell.

Anyways so yeah oh wait she's trying to ste

Hey everybody. Its Hylo now. I'm sorry about that... it was something stupid. I uh. Yeah I freaked out when I read the new posts. I did throw a couple things around but then I decided to take a bath to calm myself down a little and I ended up slipping on some water and falling over. Stupid I know...

So Cam is gone... and  I guess I should give a proper talk about it. Cam was probably the sweetest person I ever met. He bought that dress for me. He gave me sweets. He brought me out to that wedding. IT was probably the best time I've ever had. I didn't know about his past much. Or what his family was like passed the wedding but I can never bee more grateful to anyone than to him for letting me into his life. I will miss him. And I am sad I cannot see him anymore or get to know him better. I hope that Jake is alright and Elaine.

Konaa, I lost my parents when I was your age. Its a hard place to be. Its a hard thing to overcome, but you eventually learn to live with it. I heard it said once its like a brick in your pocket. Its heavy and its awkward at first but you get used to it. If you want to be alone I'll respect your wishes, but know I'll wait for you and I'll be here if you need anything. Anything at all. Just contact me and I'll get to you as fast as I can.

Thanks everybody. I'm going to... I'm going to be here for a while I think. None of this is easy. Dysis seems to be a good person. Even if I didn't want her around I wouldn't have the energy to tell her to go away. She's been good so far. Just asking if I need anything taking a look at my head every once in a while.

Bye for now guys... its uncomfortable to type on my side.

Poor kid. I didn't know Cam, but from what I saw he was the sweetest goddamn guy. He seems awfully familiar too but... Eh who knows. I just hope wherever he is now he's comfortable and he's happy because if he deserved any thing from this fucking awful world he deserved to be goddamn happy.
Anyways I'm going to keep watch over this kid and make sure she's okay. Maybe I'll even share about myself a little huh guys?
Things are fucking awful for some of us right now but you all have to keep goin like Hylo always says. Don't let anything fucken stop you, cause you're the juggernaught, bitch.

Okay lame jokes aside I just wanted to keep you guys updated let you know she's alright. You all keep safe now.

Well you don't know me

But I know this blog and I know most of you.

Hello everyone. I'm Dysis and I am commondeering this blog for this post. I read a lot of the blogs around here. Never made one myself. Not that great a writer.

Let me clear up some stuff. Hylo is passed out on the bed right now with her head wrapped up.
I was in the room next door when I heard a commotion. I got worried and came over and saw it was her with this blog open. she was in the bathroom and apparently hit her head on I dunno what.

It wasn't bad. I could see that. Head wounds just bleed a lot ya know.

Needless to say I think its cause she checked the blogs today and apparently freaked out JUST AS MUCH AS I FUCKING DID.

CAM'S FUCKING DEAD. What the fuck what THE FUCK. And Konaa? HOLY SHIT.

No wonder she fucken freaked out.

Anyways Uh... fuck I'll keep you guys posted about this shit. Seriously...

I-I dunno how she'll be when she wakes up. I'm still fucking shaking.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Weddings Weddings Weddings

My god I am tired. Today was one hell of a day... I went to a wedding!

So first off stayed up late last night awkwardly flirting and drinking a lot. Today I spent my day learning how to put make up on, how to walk in heels, awkwardly flirt some more, eat cake, drink, and punch proxies in the face.

So the ceremony was lovely. Everyone looked great... and there was more than a few people I am friends with, and an oddly familiar bellhop.

So basically after this wonderful ceremony things went to shit. There was stuff exploding, poisoned food, and a few proxies running around. Specifically a crazy pink haired girl who stabbed Konaa in the leg.

I ended up punching a few and some  how not getting blood on my dress and patched up Konaa after the struggle. I swear I saw a clown run by at some point when we were tussling with people.

Anyways so everything died down after we beat the crap out of the proxies and some how Spencer and August kept the cops off of us so kudos to them.

Then we had replacement food and Cam and Jake had their dance and their best man made a lovely speech as did Elaine.

Then I sat back and drank wine with Konaa and the lovely Jean. And eventually turned in.

So yeah... I'm just happy they're married and despite everything they had their moment. Thank you guys for a lovely evening. I'm going to look back on this fondly I think despite everything.

So good luck Cam and Jacob. I hope your trails are happy and your cake is un-poisoned.

I have to find something to do now.

Stay safe guys and keep rockin.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dresses and Fake Mustaches

So going to this wedding thing is probably the most fun I think I'll have in ages... because the things leading up to hit has been so much fun.

1stly I went shopping for a dress with Cam and Konaa (Konaa needed a suit) and we found something lovely for him and something very nice for me. I haven't worn a dress in ages you know? I haven't even been shopping in probably a year or two. I should though, my shirt has a few holes in it.

Anyways at first I was angry but in hindsight it was very nice so thank you Cam for paying for my dress. I probably wouldn't have eaten for a week if I did.

2nd I went to a bachelor party. I wore a fake mustache as it was a cross dressing party and I always dress sort of like a dude. Everyone else who dressed up look wonderful seriously. August, dayam guurrrll you looked fine and you had a time as good as you looked!
So yeah I ended up swallowing down probably five sherries while watching August and a couple other people run around and have a good time and I... I think I flirted with someone?

It's kind of foggy. I haven't gotten drunk in a long long time so apparently I get kind of flirty when I do get drunk. I dont' remember much else except someone doing some ballroom dance move with me and then going home and peeling off my fake mustache then deciding "Yeah that's undressed enough" and passing out. Thankfully I don't get hangovers easily so I'm just drinking tons of water.

It was so so so much fun last night. I'm really looking forward to this wedding!

See you later guys.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Feeling Good Today

I feel... amazing today. I don't know why I'm in such an excellent mood but I am.

Well it's probably because I slept all through the night and didn't have any nightmares.

First off thank you so much to Schrody for this.

Second of all here's some lovely drawings I managed to scan for once:

Thirdly: Enjoy some crazy mashed up pop music: 

For the next couple days I'm kind of just wandering around trying to find some place cheap to stay.

I hope all of you have a wonderful day. :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Q and A

So I guess I'll do this now since I'm not doing anything at the moment except... hiding... like a boss.

Who would have known this little town's motel was so nice? Also these waffles are amazing.

Anyways. Back onto business.

So I asked my father a few questions about Slenddouche and I thought I'd share what he said.

I asked him how long he thought it had been around and he said that he wasn't sure. He said that the abductions when he was younger could have really been anything since a there's a lot of horrible stuff out there that likes eating kids. He also mentioned that most the theories out there could be true... that it could have awakened or have been created when the SA forums first started chatting it up about it.

It would make sense. My father didn't start seeing it again until 5 years ago in 2006.

Which brings me to my next question. How the fuck did he survive?

Well he explained that the cause of the crash was indeed Slendfuckery. It just appeared in the middle of the road and my father swerved away from it and down a hill and into a tree. He explained the other body in the vehicle was a colleague of my mother. After the car crashed he said that It pulled him from the wreck and told him to pull the dead guy int he back out and put him in the front and to switch wallets with him. Then It told him to set the car ablaze which ended up catching a bit of him on fire hence the scarring on one side of his face.

He explained that after that he did mostly odd jobs for It. Mostly over looking other proxies reporting back to It occasionally snatching up people until one day it just so happened to notice me. He told me that the Lily does attract things he uh... how did he put it...

"You are like a single light in the dark. Everything that lives in the dark is noticing you."

So my suspicions were confirmed. It does attract monsters. I don't know if this is constant or if it's only when I use it but I've been abstaining from it to see what exactly happens. Some how though... I don't think that'll be the case.

I asked him what exactly Slenddouche intended to do with me and he said that It would 'remove my light'. Whatever that means. I don't exactly think it would just take the lily and then leave. I'm pretty sure its going to eat my delicious ass (I bet I taste like waffles.)

There were some other questions I asked but those will be addressed later. Since even he wasn't sure about them I have to go and do my own looking into about them.

So yeah that's all for now folks. I have to head out to far and distant lands and all that jazz.

Keep it classy. Keep safe.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


So now that I'm in a comfortable place I'll explain how exactly things went down.

Also I'll just say now I'm sorry I freaked all of you out but I couldn't risk him finding out what I was planning.

So for starters we met up in this warehouse that was pretty empty. He had his usual three proxies with him. I suspected more were outside.

He really was my father. I asked him questions only my father would know and he answered them correctly.

So I asked him my questions and he answered them. They were mostly about the lily and most of it was stuff I already knew and I will delve into more of that stuff later.

So when that was good and done with he asked me why I decided to do this and agreed to our terms. Why I just gave in so easily and I smiled at him and said, "Because its really easy to lie to you, Dad." and dropped a can of tear gas in his hands and ran.

He got overwhelmed pretty easily by that and one of his other proxies made a run at me. The first one went to go help my father. The second one grabbed me but I elbowed him in the gut. The third one was calling whatever proxies were around to grab me. When I turned the corner to get out of the ware house one of them hit me in the face. I swear I will have a perpetual black eye. So yeah I took out my bat and hit him in the face a lot.

I ended up narrowly avoiding the rest of them. Problem is I was so focused on not getting grabbed by the proxies I didn't notice I was running into the woods.

And Jesus I almost ran straight into Him. I felt that weird feeling you get around him. Its like... you're so horrified by him you almost feel comforted all I could do was stop and stare until I felt the equivalent of a bitch slap across my mind and my head stung. I came to my senses and ran away from it and onto a nearby road and hitched a ride with some nice people.

When they asked about my injuries I told them I fell down a hill while hiking and laughed it off. I should be an actress one day with how good at lying I am.

So now I'm kind of idling trying to figure out what the hell I'm going to do now...

I have a sort of new goal but... I'm not sure how I'll achieve it... I think I'll manage though.

Once again, all of you guys stay safe okay?

Rock on party people.

Friday, July 8, 2011


Hey I made it out alive. Would you look at that?

Well I have a black eye, a bunch of bruises, and my leg hurts again, but I made it out.

I'll be updating you guys exactly on what happened later.

In the mean time I looking for somewhere to lay low.

Tootaloo people~

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I don't know if I'm going to make it out of this alive... so I'll say my goodbyes now.

To all of you thank you so much for reading this farfetched crap blog. All I've wanted is to not feel alone and you have all made me feel like I had friends.

To Nick: Thank you for everything. I'm really sorry I wasn't able to repay you. I wish I could have. I hope your endeavors end up in you finding peace some how.

To Elaine: I wish I could have met you in person. You seem like a really strong person and I would have loved to have hung out with you. Maybe learned from you.

To Morningstar: You're a dick and for the most part I dislike you. But I guess you contributed to making me not feel alone. I guess you aren't completely horrible but mostly.

To Ryuu: Your blog always made me feel better about myself. I hope that you find a way out of this. If anyone could its probably you.

To Maurice: Sorry your ship might sink. :T

Welp if I make it out of this I'll be sure to let you all know.

Keep it classy people.

Monday, July 4, 2011

End of Journal/Plans

So I've thought a lot about this situation I've found myself in.

This...stupid... situation.

I didn't mention this before because... well I dunno why. I don't think I wanted to admit it to myself what had happened.

The end of my fathers journal pretty much chronicled him losing it. He seemed to more and more scattered in this thoughts. His writing changed, his wording  more paranoid, and he began to mention how maybe it would be better for all of us if he just gave in.

He would write things like "Maybe if I just handed myself over my family would be untouched.".

I don't know what his motivation is now... or even how he survived the car crash. I have feeling slend-douche had a hand in it.

So, Glyph, Dad, who ever the hell you are, here's my proposal for you.

If you really are my father I want you to meet me somewhere and I want you to answer all my questions and then after that I won't put up a fight. I'll go with you willingly.

If you show up and you turn out not to be my father then I'm leaving. I don't give a shit what you have to say or who you bring along. I'm breaking anyone's legs who gets in my way.

Email me Glyph and we'll arrange something.

To everyone else: We'll just wait and see huh? I'll keep you posted on whatever happens.