Saturday, November 26, 2011

I Guess It's Over Huh?

He's gone. He's gone and I'm not sure what to say other than

I wish we had, had more time together. I wish I could have only made him happier. Because that's all I've ever wanted for any of us. Just to be happy.

And I guess he was.

June Reynolds was probably the bravest person I'll ever know. I loved him more than I think any human being I've met before.

I can't say I'm not angry but I'm only sad. I only feel an emptiness where he was. This hollowness in me like a vacuum.

I wish I could just chuckle at his jokes and be done with it and move on but I can't. I can't I can't

All I think about is his stupid bangs always getting in his eyes and that stupid goofy grin on his face and his awkward flailing whenever he got embarrassed and how I won't have that anymore.

I don't care how selfish I sound but I want that back

I want my June back.

but that won't happen.

Friday, November 25, 2011


First off. I hope everyone had a decent Thanksgiving for all those who actually celebrate it. After reading through the blogs again its obvious that didn't fucking happen. Sorry everyone. That sucks. We had an okay one. Ate pizza and watched holiday specials mostly. 

Secondly Greg aka Glyphosate aka Lia's dad been doing alright. He does now regularly go back and forth between himself and what that tall freak turned him into. Its pretty easy to predict when it happens and he seems mostly harmless when it happens but we're prepared for it in case he tries anything so don't fret your already frazzled fucking heads. 

Thirdly, well shit. Lia's pretty broken up. Trying to be optimistic that it's like some comic book death and he'll just come back but... I honestly don't know. She really loved him y'know? She talked bout him a lot. Talked about how much she missed seeing him. Always about how much she wish she could help him more. Poor fuckin kids the both of em. Neither of them deserved any of this bullshit. None of us did but especially not those two. Right now, all I can do is be there for her. Greg's also been really supportive. He's been awesome actually, which is great. 

We're gonna go out and eat now. So I hope everyone stays safe and shit. I know you could all certainly use the break that Nick guy sort of gave us. (Thanks for that by the way) Hopefully Greg'll be thinking better.

Take care of yourselves, everyone.

Keep it together.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Obtainable Companion

I'm not sure what happened. Something snapped or something. Something clicked into place...

My father's here with us. He just showed up yesterday.

He said he was sorry for everything. That he didn't want to hurt us anymore.

That he just wanted to make sure I was okay and that he wanted to be here for me.

I'm so happy. Its hard to describe it.

Eating waffle with my father and Dy. Talking about how stupid deer are in the Spring. How we miss the mountains and the fresh air.

Its wonderful. So wonderful.

I know that this is going to be hard. Occationally he seems to slip back into the state he was before.

I always knew if he did come back that it wouldn't just magically be fast or easy.

It takes time to heal. I takes time to forget. It comes in pieces and sometimes those pieces aren't what you need.

Sometimes you slip but that doesn't mean you won't pick yourself up.

You will. You always do. You pick yourself up and you move along and eventually you come out of the darkness.

Eventually everything's okay. Not the same, but okay.

I'm just happy to have my dad back. :3

Stay safe everyone.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Hogoodness Updates/Adventures in Hyloland

Terribly sorry for not updating! Things have been rather boring but there are some developments on the front with my father.

It is a slow and arduous process trying to get him to come back over. To see through all the years of his mind being twisted around. We're doing it though. I can tell.

Occasionally he'll slip back in but I'm patient. He'll eventually come back over and I just know it. He even left me a gift.

It's a small pocket watch. Etched with a flower design on the back made out of circles that are all the same size looping into each other. It's beautiful and very handy.


Since I'm not sure what else to post about I'll just tell a story huh? You guys need some cheering up so you know what? Enjoy.

This is the story of the first time I ever got drunk.

Okay so basically I was 21 for the first time in... ever. So I thought "Man, I'm all alone on my birthday. Might as well try out this alcohol thing."

So I go to a bar. I do 21 shots of ... god knows what and drink I don't eve know how much liquor and beer and end up stumbling back to my hotel room after taking some people from the bar with me.

Well some how we got into a pillow fight. While being nearly black out drunk Don't ask me how we foudn the coordination to do this but we did. One guy was huge he was  a biker. I don't know why he was there but he was...

Well he takes his pillow and takes a swwing at me. And I was like 'Shit, I don't want to be knocked out' so I let if phase through me. Well everyone finds this extremely amusing and they have me perform tricks while doing this.

Stuff like walking through walls and then eventually destroying the t.v. by phasing into it and then unphasing. It was awesome.

So then finally everyone ends up leaving and I practically pass out and because of my lack of control I almost pass out by a wall but instead phaze into it and get stuck. So there I am. Staring awkwardly drunk beyond relief at a pair of strangers I don't even know, stuck magically in a wall.

So they end up having to actually call the fire department and they have to cut me out with a chainsaw and I end up falling asleep with a piece of plaster stuck around my chest in the police station.

In the morning I had to pay damages, apologize to those people, and having to make up a bunch of excuses as to what happened. but hey we ended up having breakfast together and you know what?

We got along well.

...And that's what happened last time I got drunk.

It was actually okay despite all that happened. I ended up discovering belgium waffles that morning with those people.

So you know what? Shit happens and life will get better. People will come around. Fate will do a pirouette and hand you a plate of waffles.

All of you take care alright?

Stay safe. Keep it together.