Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dream Sharing Time

So lately you all know I've been having some pretty awful goddamn nightmares.


I have to spew this musical ridden dream before I forget it, because it was SO AWESOME and TERRIFYING at the same time and I am amazed at how well I can remember song lyrics.

I have a sneaking suspicion this is because of the painkillers I've had to take because of my leg.

OKAY So basically this dream was a musical. A musical with solos, and roles being filled, and costumes, and sets and all sorts of crazy stuff.

So it started out with me laying in a bed of glowing hands while singing the theme to “New York, New York“. Then suddenly I broke out into “Time Warp“. Moving along through t he stage towards a new set.

While doing this some new people showed up and were each dressed, and singing the parts of, different characters from Rocky Horror Picture Show. I was Janet, Nick was Brad, Morning Star was Riff Raff, Tensor as Magenta, someone I didn't know as Columbia, and uh… oh god. Slend Douche was Dr. Frankenfurter.

We did the dance perfectly until we danced into a next set so it was just Nick and I. There was a bit of an awkward silence and then Nick started on his solo which was “Don’t You.”.

We ran around the town as he sung that until we departed and I ended up walking down the road along singing “Mykonos“. After walking around for a while I ended up getting lost and the road completely merged with the forest and then Glyphosate popped out from behind a tree on a motor cycle

He started to sing “Dentist!” From Little Shop of Horrors, and I was absolutely horrified. He had the whole greaser get up and everything.

So I started to run away from him as several other proxies came out of the woodwork and I ran into Nick, Ryuu, Kay and several other runners who started a west side story type stand off with all the snapping and stuff. You know what I’m talking about. It was all very well coordinated with the runners coming out on top.

When we were done we camped out for the night and started talking about stuff when Ryuu had her own solo. Which was, I think, Waiting For Life, and it was wonderful.

Then the proxies came back with You Know Who (not Voldemort you dorks) and we did a final battle but no one sang instead it was just music. Of course it was the creepiest goddamn music I had ever heard in my life. None other than music from silent hill. Akira Yamaoka you brilliant bastard.

In the end we lost a couple runners but we ended up winning due to someone throwing a Molotov at Slenddouche and then cutting off it’s head with an axe and all the proxies expiring one way or another.

We hugged and celebrated and it ended wit the curtains closing and I came out in front of them to a microphone while wearing a top hat (wot wot) and singing one of my all time favorite songs, Many Moons.

Then I woke up and here I am typing this all out before I completely forget it.

You may interperate this pain killer fueled, music ridden, dance fest however you want.

I thought it was awesome. And amazing. And mind blowing. And hilarious.

I need to go now and get some something to eat.

Keep it musical and magical, people. ;D

Catch you on the flip-side.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Things in the Woods

So this new bus I've been on has gone through the woods again. Which is lovely, save for the fact I can't sleep and when I look out the window ta night the woods are staring back at me.

Slept mostly through the day yesterday. I took a really really long nap and when I woke up it was almost dark out and I couldn't sleep again. So I just sat up and looked outside at the trees.

I saw Him a lot. Which isn't surprising. I've heard this happens a lot but its still so weird the first time you see him, standing there on the side of the road over and over and over again. It kind of grates on you.

It wasn't just him out there though. There was... a lot of stuff...

I couldn't make out details but I could make out their eyes. You know when cat's eyes glow in the dark? It was like that but in tons of different shades. Just a bunch of ghostly optics staring at the bus.

Its like all of them gathered near the side of the road to see if the bus would crash or break down.

But it didn't, thank god.

I used to really like the woods you know? I grew up in western Montana so we were in the mountains and there were tons of beautiful forests out there.

We used to go hiking a lot but never anything challenging. My dad always had a bad knee from an injury when he was a teenager. He didn't really let it stop him though. Mom was a very athletic woman and hiker. She kind of did it a lot for her work.

Looking back I never saw slender douche in the woods and nothing weird really happened. Probably because we would always travel in big groups. My parents would always invite their friends and their kids along.

Welp I'm going to sleep for a little while before I pass out on my keyboard.

Sweet dreams, everyone.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Okay Glyphosate. You can just go fuck yourself. Same with your three proxies. Though it'll probably be two now right? I kind of hit that one guy in the shins with a baseball bat and I'm pretty sure I broke something important.

Let me explain a little... Glyphosate tried jumping me when I was walking out of a coffee shop, or should I say his three proxies he travels with. I hadn't really realized till now, but he does have a couple proxies working under him that I have seen each time (sometimes it's hard to tell because they switch out their masks, clothes, etc.)

Anyways it was late, I've been having a hard time sleeping on account of nightmares and tonight didn't look like I was going to sleep at all so I decided to fuel myself up with some delicious and heavily flavored coffee.

Right after I walked out we pretty much just got into a scuffle and I got away by hitting them with my bat a lot.

So now I'm on a bus leaving this town while I still can. Glyphosate is getting waaaay too close for comfort.

Alright so right now I'd just like to recap on the lily for my own records.

So what we've discovered so far is that the lily is from the middle east, specifically Babylon (or Assyria). It has some sort of connection with the goddess Ishtar. Basically what it's supposed to do is help defend against monsters apparently by drinking its nectar. It grants a couple special things but as far as I can tell it allows you to create a pocket dimension. Which could be a problem when going up against the slender one.

Problem is it has some nasty side effects. Specifically that it seems to attract monsters, and some pretty god awful ones. I have a sneaking suspicion it attracts a lot more its just that they end up fighting over who gets the prey and the strongest one's come out on top so shadow bear and Slender douche seem to be on top of the food chain. It also causes the person who drinks it to become more distant from loved ones or become more socially isolated.

This all pretty much explains what has been happening to me for the past eight years of my life.

Well looks like we're heading into some deep forests guys. I'll keep you posted once I get out of here.

Thanks for everything guys. Stay safe.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day/University Visit

Yesterday was... rough to say the least. 

Let's start off good shall we? I stopped by the next university my mother spoke at. I had no trouble getting there. Nothing seemed very out of place, save for the nightmares continuing. 

She was on a lecture circuit and was hand delivering some research from other researchers. I'm pretty sure I'm following her path well.

So her couple notes at this university were about how the lily only slightly differed from another lily it's a possible subspecies of. The lily is white but the difference is this one has a very very small blue spot on the very tip of its petals. 

She also noted that it might have been just been her sleep deprivation, but she swore that late at night, when working on identifying the lily she heard whispers and voices. She didn't now what they were saying because they were so quiet.

Moving on... Yesterday was father's day.

Mother's Day and Father's Day are always rough for me each year. Its not so much I'm upset about other people enjoying the company of their parents while I have none. In fact I think its great people do that. I feel a little better each time I see someone spending time with their parents on those days. 

I just feel a void. I wish I could have spent more time with them. I wish I could show them how much I've grown out of my angsty teenage self. Still immature yes but not as spiteful for not reason. 

My dad was a wonderful man. He never complained about us. He never even got angry with us. Never yelled. He was always understanding. Always willing to listen. Which I think, when I was a teenager, that's all I really wanted. It was hard moving into the real world knowing I was so small but he made me feel like I was so great.

I don't blame my father for anything that's happened today. I don't blame anyone but the monsters following me. He just wanted to protect me from a horror that had claimed so many. He just wanted me to be safe. And I am safer. I've been saved so often by it. 

So thanks, Dad. For everything. I love you.

Sorry about this sappy entry guys but I like sharing since I don't talk much about myself. So thanks guys for reading. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

On The Edge Of Glory

Ignore the Lady Gaga title. I am lacking in creativity but over abundant in sleep deprivation.

Lordy Lordy. I know I haven't posted in a couple days but its not without reason. Glyph has resurfaced and it hasn't helped at all.

I haven't been spotting Him but I have been having nightmares again. Which really throws off trying to travel when I'm trying not to pass out in random places.

I also managed to read through all of my mother's research that I gathered from that last college. She was writing up some stuff on a certain lily from the middle east.

Yeah you know the one. She doesn't write much past about how it doesn't have pollen and any sample she takes of the nectar looks like a water sample and reads out as an ordinary water sample.

She mentions stuff about my father starting to lose it as well. She mentions him being more distant and him being more paranoid. She says that he did tell her stories about things that happened to him as a kid, and guess what? Its all slender related.

Things are starting to come together if only a little bit. I'm going to keep hitting universities and colleges she worked at and keep avoiding Glyphosate. I don't think I'll find much more but I can at least learn more about my mom's work.

As usual I'll keep you guys posted as usual and update if anything crazy happens.
Keep it classy people.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Sorry this post is a bit late but I've been dodging IT all day. First I could hardly get off of campus yesterday. Then I almost didn't make it even into the hotel and then his presence got to be too much and I left the hotel so now I'm on a bus heading off to... somewhere. I didn't really check before sneaking on.

It didn't seem like it was trying to catch me. It kept it's distance and just... watched. Which is unnerving enough by the way. I think that gets to me more than it being close.

If anything this turning invisible thing helps with making sure travel is cheap.

So anyways reading through mom's research. It's mostly stuff I dont' understand because I don't have a degree in botany. It does look pretty normal so far though. Looks like its all just her usual research.

She studied mostly stuff about cross pollination among wild flowers and how that all pans out. I don't understand most of it but I guess she loved it.

I'm really tired right now so I'm going to try and sleep. I'll guys keep you posted while I shuffle through all of this paperwork.

As always you guys keep safe and rock on.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Ahh campus. Such a bustling community of no one around because its summer goddammit.

So I'm currently on a campus waiting for one of my mother's coworkers to get some of her things. She's been very nice about everything. She's only brought up my parent's death once and asked if I was doing alright.

I told her yeah despite the bandages on my wrist and leg and fact I saw the suited douche today.

I was riding the bus on the way to the campus when wen drove past him just... standing there right down an alley way. I knew it was him. You always know its him when you see him.

And then I saw him behind one of the buildings on campus before I went inside this building. He seems to be keeping his distance...

I'm going to keep cautious. Keep an eye out for any trouble.

Oh she's coming back now with a good sized folder. I'll post tomorrow on my findings or if anything happens.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nothing to see here folks

Went to the beach today. It was very very nice.

I've just been riding around in cars lately getting to the beach and away from my last location. I dont' like giving out where I am very often even though I know tall, pale, and faceless probably knows where I always am.

I don't think I have ever been to the ocean. At least not that I remember. Montana is kind of land locked if you haven't noticed.

So I did the usual kids stuff. You know dug up shells and collected them, poked crabs, splashed around, ran away from the waves. All good fun without much of any drama.

I'm practicing what Nick has taught me. Trying to get into shape and not be so incompetent.

Other than that not much has happened. I'm thinking that since I'm on the east coast I'll visit some colleges my mom did some work at.

Might as well take it easy while things are peaceful right?

Well I'm sure something's going to come along and ruin my day. Thats how it usually goes.

Until then I hope that all of you keep safe and alive.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Hey guys. I made a new hug buddy.

The incredibly awesome AmalgamationSage picked me up from the hospital and treated me nice and many hugs and laughs were had.

First off my stitches got taken out. I’ve always been a pretty fast healer. Now I’ll use the epic scar I’m going to have to pick up men with it by saying I punched a bear in the face. (sarcasm)

He picked me up and took me out to eat. Where we discussed some stuff and made jokes. It was… really nice. Honestly it was the best meal I’ve had in days and the best company in a long time.

We talked about my parents and about runners in general. About how hard it is to do what we do. I think I made him sad at one point but I told him we’re all in this together and he agreed. Its good to know there’s a support system around, and Nick cares a lot about other people.

Then he took me to buy a new baseball bat since Glyph kind of took mine. Got an aluminum one this time at the advice of Nick. I trust his judgment better than mine. I’m not very experienced in any sort of self defense.

Which is some of the next things he taught me… after ice cream of course. I’m pretty sure he was trying his best to fatten me up. I can’t complain though, it was really, really nice.

So you know that problem I have? Where I panic and lose it really easily and I just sort of flail at my problems? I got help with that.

We did some tai chi and some breathing exercises. Things like the push hands, that helped me relax a lot. I tend to tense up and get kind of stiff when I panic, and like Nick said its better to be relaxed than tensed up in most situations.

Then we did breathing exercises which will come in handy when in really intense situations. Hopefully I’ll be able to concentrate more and panic less now.

Then he gave me some more tools and hugged then said our good byes. I didn’t want to leave but honestly, Nick doesn’t deserve anything I attract.

I’ll come back though. I promise I will. And I’ll pay him back for everything he did for me.

I’ve gotten a new drive to keep going and keep moving. It really helps to know I have friends out there. I’m going to keep practicing what I’ve learned and keep a live.

So thanks again Nick.
Really, you’re the best.
I’ll make all this up to you one day.

Right now I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Maybe go to the beach?
Eh who knows. I'll find something to do.
In the mean time you all stay safe and living.