Sunday, October 23, 2011

Good News/Strange Posts

So Konaa left as you could probably tell from his blog and has been creeped on by some....

Lets use the word 'lady' for this.

I'm sorry I can't be there for you right now, June. I wish I could help some way but... I'm just too far away.

On a better note my dad's been acting more normal when I speak to him.

He e-mails me a lot but I usually don't often answer him but his messages have been far more... coherent as of late and when I do answer him he seems to be less "We're going to be a family again/I'm only doing this to love you" and more "I'm sorry about things/I hope you are doing well".

I think its a good turn around. :3

Other than that I found a post on here that was unpublished. However, the date on it was for 10/23/05. Aka Six years ago from this date.

Along with it was this picture and message:
The ripened stars fall, like fruit upon the boughs.

Weird huh? Well apparently another blog got a strange message similar to the one we got last time, base 64 and vigenere cipher included.

We're talking to Mistletoe about it... seeing how things are.

Anyways, you all keep safe mkay?

Eat plenty of waffles!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Operation: What is Love? = Success!

We got June back!

We got him! We got him! We got him~!

Lets just say someone gave us a tip onto where his location was and we went there. There were only a couple proxies and Rhodes there.

Dy threw one a bout and the other ran off and we were both headed for June when Dy got cut off by that Jade girl.

She told me to keep going and I did. Dy can handle herself pretty well y'know?

So I ran into the room and there was one proxy, June, and It itself.

At that point I didn't care much about all the pain swelling in my head and the pounding in my skull. I had to take a second to gather myself up though.

Then some bitch tried to stab me! That guy... uh... Shift! He tried to shank me from behind.

So I hit him in the face with my bat. :I

No one tries to shank me.

No one.

So that kind of knocked me back into the right state of mind to just kind of run under its legs

At that point it didn't matter how scd2hlcmVpc215d2F0Y2g/dGFrZW9mZnlvdXJoYXQsc2hvcnRzdGFjay55b3UnbGxuZXZlcmR1Y2t0aHJvdWdod2l0aGl0b24uared I was I was going to make it through to June.

As I got out from under its legs the other proxy moved to stab June but I guess he managed to wake up and wiggle out in time to block it with his hand...

Then he sort of beat the poor bastard up with a chair and we got the hell out of there along with Dy and drove into the sunset after stereotypically 80's action movie making out.

I'm so happy to have him back... So happy...

Now we're going to recover and relax while we can...

Please take care everyone and stay safe.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Konaa's gone and I don't think I can get him back


It attacked us in our hotel room

it attacked us and we tried to get out and we did get outside somehow

Idunnoidontknowwhat happened

then we got in the car and Dy tried to start it

and Rhodes sat there. Sat there with the wiresofour car in hand

and Konaa ran at it... hissword drawn.

and then



he was gone

I can't...

I can't


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Goddamn, All Over The Carpet

So Konaa showed up. Fucken bleeding all over the place no less. Fell into the doorway, and muttered somethin about no hospitals about how they "wouldn't do any good."

Well we found out pretty fucken quick that was true. Hylo flipped a bitch seeing him like that and helped me lay down some towels and carry him over to an open spot in our motel room. We found where the source of the bleeding was and guess what? No fucken wound. Not a single scratch on this fucken kid.

So we put pressure on where the bleeding was and eventually it stopped, yeah. So now we're waiting for him to wake up. Can't get Hylo to move from his side. She gets so worried. She cares a lot about people, no matter who they are.

So now we're waiting for him to wake up. Trying to relax. Keepin the door locked and all the blinds drawn in the mean time.

EDIT: Looks like he woke up.