Thursday, March 31, 2011

Moving out!

I've decided to go to my home town. I keep thinking back on everything I didn't notice before things that were very wrong that, in my blissful ignorant teen-aged years, I didn't notice.

Things about how strangely my dad acted. About how distant I actually was from other people. About things that went bump in the night that I paid no mind to.

I need to go back and find out exactly what went on. Exactly why this happened what else went on that I didn't notice at all.

So I 'm heading out tonight on a bus back to Montana. Once I cross state lines don't expect much out of me past commenting every once in a while. The eastern part of the state is pretty empty and flat. At least most fast-food chain places have wifi now.

Don't worry about me. I have sandwiches and I downloaded some episodes of Pokemon.

Alright heading to the bus now. Time for an exciting adventure of barren landscapes and trying to sleep while sitting up.

All of you stay safe alright? You've all been great to me. :)

P.S. Yeah a new theme for this blog. Looks nice huh?


So I made it out of the house fine. No one noticed me. I got dinner and now I'm at a bookstore reading about urban legends
Since the tall one seems to be following me and at this point just observing. I'm going to head to another city. Not entirely sure. I checked out the bus stop.

I know there are plenty of places not safe but honestly at this point I'm not too worried about that. I'm way to paranoid and nervous about this city to stay here.

I don't even know where my sister lives anymore. We haven't really been close since she started high school, but when I told her to take all of the inheritance she made me take some. Maybe my home town? Its been a really long time.

Any body have an suggestions on where to go? I'm really stumped at this point.

Well then

The masked people are still wandering around outside. They seem to be investigating. I think they're... what do you guys call them? Proxies?

Don't have much experience with that tall guy.

I've gotten all I wanted from this house. I showered, washed my couple outfits, and slept. All my injuries are much much better. I've always healed quick though. My sister got the short end of that stick.

I'm going to head out later today, I don't even probably have to ghost past them, but... I need advice.

Is there anything else I should worry about? They're like the lowest ranked ones, right? And these seem to only be scouts.

Just want to be prepared for anything crazy I might run into.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


There are people with masks outside. Just gonna... you know... Stay here. Yeeaaah....

Watched some pointless youtube videos so I feel much better about everything. Still laying on the bathroom floor with my laptop.

So Sage asked earlier how this whole crazy pocket dimension business came about.

Honestly I don't remember the specific event but I'm pretty sure it happened about four years ago when I was 18. The day before was perfectly normal. Went through the daily motions and everything and went to bed.

The next day I woke up on my roof.

Now lets just establish that I do not sleep walk. I roll around sometimes but I don't actually get up and climb up to my roof and chill in my sleep.

The first time I discovered my ghosting/cloaking stuff was when I was almost mugged in Denver I think. The guy jumped out at me and I screamed. Everything suddenly felt... safe and there was a slight glow to everything around me and he looked around confused yelling for me even though he was right in front of me after he left everything went to normal.

Eventually I got it to work by will rather than a strong emotion after some experimentation.

Shifting was about the same. I was running from someone trying to rob me. I was running towards a wall and all I thought was "Iwishthiswallwasnthere!Iwishthatwallwasn'there!" and I ended up going through the wall much to my surprise.

Though after that it took a lot of time to perfect. I got stuck in some plaster walls a couple times. That's not fun by the way.

Its hard mostly because manipulating my own pocket dimension outside of the basis of our normal plane of existence is just really hard for me to handle. I'm not that focused.

Also as for my family life? Yeah pretty damn normal up until I was 18. My parents died and I left town after I graduated. I have a sister but the most I do is email her that I'm still alive and occasionally send her stuff around the holidays.

Alright thats it for now. Gonna watch more stupid youtube videos.

PS. Yeah I changed my name to Hylocereus. My mom was a botanist and that was her favorite flower.


Damage report:
Nose bloodied (not broken)
Right cheek and shoulder are all bruised and scraped up
Left ankle twisted
First degree burns on right hand and fore arm.

Holy. Shit.
At least I don't think the Shadow Cat will be bothering me for a while.

I was looking for some place to sleep at around midnight last night still and it came from behind me and grabbed my left ankle. It pulled it out from under me and lifted me up before smashing me on the ground. My face and shoulder hit first. I managed to use my free leg to kick out some of what I thought was its teeth and it let me go.

So I ran as fast as I could away from it and it chased me, but goddammit it was smart. It managed to corner me. I couldn't shift or ghost because I was way to delirious from my face hitting the sidewalk.

It slunk up to me and as it opened its jaws to bite off a chunk I was so angry at that moment that I just punched it in its face. My arm got stuck in it. It felt like that gack stuff you make in science class in 7th grade and it burned and stung.

I felt something in it though. Some thing with two holes in it. So I dug my fingers into it and started pulling and pulling. It tried to pull back and we did this until there was a pop and the thing I was pulling came loose.

All of the black stuff just sort of melted away and went down some drain till all that was left was a cat skeleton and I was holding the skull.

I... I dont' know what to make of this but... I don't know. I managed to find an uninhabited house and I patched myself up. Thanks to Girl Scouts for telling me to always carry a first aid kit...

I just slept on the floor of the bathroom with the door locked till now. Luckily someone next door didn't password protect their wireless.

I'm... I'm going to stay here a while. I think I heard some people walking around out back. I'll leave eventually though.

Until then I'm going to take a nap maybe watch something.

All of you keep safe.
Wanderer out.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Oh god, finally we made it to our destination. This guy has horrible taste in music so I've finally ditched whoever the hell he was.

I panhandled enough money to have a decent dinner so that's where I am now. Some nice little cafe eating a burger and fries.

As for a report from overnight? I slept all the way through so I don't think anything freaky happened.

No sign of the Shadow Cat or the tall one. Though it could just mean the tall one sent some of it's buddies to spy on me.
Eh. I'm probably just being paranoid. I'm not much of a threat but I don't think that matters to it.

No idea where I'm going to stay tonight, but honesty I'm not too worried. Its not like I'm going to be eaten by a grue or anything.

Just going to wander till I find some place suitable and sleep there.

Until then I will satisfy my Minecraft addiction.

Stay safe kids. Don't talk to strangers.

Look Mom! I'm an artist!

So my so called travel buddy finally stopped for the night in a nice hotel. Lo and behold there is indeed a business room complete with a scanner for me to use.

Here's a picture of the thing as well as a self potrait:
 Stunning huh?
Okay not really but thats as close as I could to drawing that... lets call it a Shadow Cat.
It looks pretty much like that. Only you know... real? The darkness that makes up its body is always wavering a little and looks scraggly.
Its claws are huge probably like five inches long?

Well I'm beat from today. This constant ghosting really wears me down.
Nighty-Night for now!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Om nom nom nom


We stopped at a gas station and I managed to get some food I could afford. 

No sign of that tall prick or the other thing that was following me.


Alright so I woke up before my travel buddy. Nothing much going on here. That thing doesn't seem to have followed us but... you'd be surprised at how persistent creatures can be.

I slept well except... when I woke up in the middle of the night because I fell off my bed (shut up it happens.)

I looked over at the window and there was a pale guy in a black suit staring at me.

Wonderful. That asshole.

Yes I know what it is. But it did nothing threatening so I don't really give a shit. The only time I'll care is if he sends his little buddies after me.

Until then I hope if that thing did follow us it'll keep them at bay until I can find a way to kill it. After that normal humans aren't really a huge problem. Ghosting and shifting will keep those dicks away enough for me.

I haven't really fought before so I don't know exactly how strong I've become. I'm more of a stealth person then a fighter.

Oh well. I'll be posting drawings tomorrow since this motel doesn't have anything I can use as a scanner and its still several days from our goal.

Until then I'll stay as safe as I can.
Keep it real people


So yeah in case you didn't see the last post yeah I hopped in a car with someone and just kind of ghosted in the back seat (Deleted the last post because it seemed sort of pointless.)

And that thing that's been following me? It almost ate me at a gas station we stopped at.

Gawd it was horrible. It has feline characteristics except that its... nearly made entirely of blackness and its eyes. They were empty and white. Like a pair of white holes boring into you.
I'll draw it tomorrow and try and find a scanner.

But yeah it almost got me when I was coming out of the bathroom and no one was around. I managed to ghost in time for it to miss me and got in the car as fast as I could.

Jesus, that was awful...

Anyways my 'companion' and I are at a motel for the night. I took a shower and I'm sleeping in an empty room for now. I would love to stay in the same room as my companion but... I'd rather not experience any awkward "OHMIGAWD WHAT ARE YOU DOIN IN MAH BED CRAZY LADEH??!?!?!1!"


Anyways gonna sleep for now. I feel much better now that I've bathed and hope that that thing didn't follow us any farther.

Nighty Night, world.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Introduction... of sorts?

So I'm basically making this blog to record the strange happenings that go on around me.

I myself am a pretty odd person. There are various things I can do that... well... normal people just can't do.
I doubt I will ever actually explain how this change happened in me. In a later post I guess I'll explain what I can do.

I am a wanderer. I walk wherever I need to or wherever the wind takes me. Most of the time I'm avoiding... things.

Things that don't like me. Things that usually want to feed on my delicious face.


So yes. Welcome to my little supernatural/paranormal world of being a gypsy pretty much.

Man, I kind of hate gypsies...