Tuesday, September 27, 2011

EDIT: Okay so I did nooooot post this. I ran it through a couple code thingies so you can get the translation of this down below~


EDIT:  Here's all that crap translated...

Vhv ljlmavmsw wou peeheg. Wuetne ks miwv uerc ivg fmgas pjpgz jami yuvwg elsn vkc tkacbqbw tnojwtg.

Ezx kddssp ocxz ogg oek fejgjhoww mcld acnrxos.

Mjl agqdj-atglf bw vjpdrvmgc wbvo lwt skvthr wfsiadbu.

Kpe es gqa pgut kltorz.

Mlt ydzfor hje bu usl eodtqyewec aghh vy xaa htpkw kookljltfz xwwxf ukrbpy

Mjl wgrhzwycnsmis gcs kc knedbpn xzg bcsxmze.

Ls cgl hjoc aaaw vvastdj xmytj zspd, ivg owvwpx.

Voi kqpymxntutxtv dbg cabis tnvry yikl judw.

Mlt tacucsf doefz lau fzr fm dzx xgatg pyx mk lhul lwtsvpk.

Nsw zsavtb qxi lpeiu hpgpg klj meggih, opzmsrz popcyhk c frpxy dsezplxcp.

Dlx sohfz-agoae jtfwgpw izt uqvhxj ogg, osdfiek myc sq ei lws toewu.

Tag ipsekvrjx zfx gdntfu dlx coeflr gpe'j idyd, etwzacu vri mnumj.

Hrv oyjiqz? T otxrz ufqw mgoiwg alw dlfwxix.

Kh atdrcoo, axhchol. Xg vhv xju askxn, ld hjo ewregvbvw, vo klj xpuxri achq wewjelu, as lje yysn.

Hwegdet, rgkv ynixpkw, ogltsry, eg mlt epba zptjel.

Dl gstewyq qswki ngj gvot, ykr mjlvw crv qfhj lamcyh kjsga olnoiij jeii.

Wyxwfftj ic dbmgc yhwy japejx mue sgh ngjf ykpdenz uoswu, aeh iiy'l ysgyth ayyk pifg-wmwee.

Rri ud seapqh,

Sptsr uont zxsa.

Oh dear my timepiece broke.

Uuhhh uhmmm...

This is a problem. This is going to be so displaced. What is that? What who sent that?

Oh. I did? No I didn't. No it wasn't me. It was a part of me.

No not a part of me. No not that.


Oh wait I remember seeing this. This was strange. Now it makes sense so much sense.

Oh what? Alright, Bazmuss. I should go go, don't leave me hanging on like a yo-yo.

I need to go. I need to go.

All the petals are hands. All the roots are arms.

All of us, we are lights.

We are stars.

The path is so long.

What the fuck WHAT THE FUCK. Okay so that first bit of gibberish is vigenere cipher. I can't translate it without a key. :C

So I have no idea what that means. 



Sunday, September 18, 2011

An Update

Not much has happened for the passed... almost week.

Not even anything supernatural. Just a few sightings of Glyph's people and... maybe Glyph? I'm not entirely sure. We've just been laying low. Trying to relax and keep quiet after everything that's happened.

My bruises are nearly gone. My cheeks all better as well. I'm a fast healer. :3

Well... mostly because Dy makes me eat well and takes care me really well. Its wonderful that she's here. I don't think I would have made it otherwise, without her.

Anyways, we're just going to be laying low. Maybe we can meet up with a couple of you guys? I think that'd be nice. Right now I'll just give you the general area of central Jersey as to where we are.

Really? In Montana? My family would drive six hours to see my great aunt. So driving to meet up with some of you guys wouldn't be out of the question at all.

You know, Dy has a lot of money saved up. She doesn't seem to buy much though. I guess her old jobs paid a lot. Then again, I'm not entirely sure of all the jobs she's done in the past. I'll have to ask her about them later.

Anyways, just wanted to keep you all updated!

Don't be hesitant to ask to meet up.

Be safe and take care of yourselves~

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Old Ghosts

I'm stupid. Goddammit I am so stupid sometimes.

I left the hotel room for five minutes and I ended up running into Jake.

He's not the same as before. I can at least tell you that. He's just out for blood the only reason I'm alive is because of Glyph.

I decided to leave the hotel room for a bit on account of being stuck in one for the passed week. I was getting a bit stir crazy so I needed some fresh-air. Well I got to the gas station with no problem but when I was leaving I noticed someone walking behind me.

I turned at at first I didn't notice him because it was so dark out. He waved and I waved back. I was more concerned he was one of Glyph's people.

Then he started walking faster and I turned again and I saw his face and the look in his eyes told me he was not there for a lovely tea party so I booked it.

He almost caught up with me once but I managed to duck into an alley. Unfortunately that alley came to a dead end.

He asked me where Elaine was the look in his eye and the smile on his face told me this wasn't the man I met months ago. I told him I didn't know. He hit me in the stomach

I fell to my knees but I wasn't ready to just give up. I thought about ghosting or phasing and I realized I'd prefer this than attracting the attention of tall dark and faceless.

He told me I deserved what I got if I was willing to be hurt for her. I dont' remember what I said but he punched me in the face and told me she destroyed Cam then asked why I defended her.

I told him its because she's a friend, because I care about her and he kicked me in the ribs and aimed a gun at my head.

He asked me again where she was and I just told him I didn't know again. I looked up at him and I saw a glint behind him that caught my eye and a harpoon landed between him and I.

He turned around to see Glyph hop down from the building and aimed his harpoon gun he still had for whatever reason. Glyph said "Get the fuck away from my daughter." and promptly shot Jake in the shoulder.

Jake said something to Glyph but I don't really remember because I was distracted by my ribs hurting like a bitch. Glyph pulled me up and told Jake to get out of his sight. That he wasn't going to murder someone in front of his daughter.

Jake finally ran off and told me Konaa was next.

Glyph looked me over and looked at me sadly and concerned. He gently touched my cheek and sighed and said "Oh dear... look at what he's done to you..." and then hugged me. I was so tired... so hurt at that point. I just let him. I knew from the look in the eye he wasn't going to try anything.

He stroked my hair and then left an arm around me as he led me to a truck and sat me down. He got out a first aid kit and bandaged me up a little. "Dysis should take you to the hospital... just in case." He said as he looked at me.

I looked at him and watched him fix up my cheek. The smell of fresh band-aids. The sting of antiseptic. All of it reminded me of how things used to be and I couldn't help but cry. He hugged me again and told me everything was going to be okay.

I asked him why this was happening and he looked at me sadly and said, "Because sometimes, Maggie, fate just plays our cards for us."

I hugged him and asked him if I could go back to the hotel room. He said yes and helped me along to the hotel room. I got there and explained everything to Dy. She hugged me and took me to the hospital

Nothing wrong so far... just bruised side, my cheek is swollen, and my stomach hurts.

Konaa please be safe. Jake isn't the same as he was. He's going to kill you if he doesn't get what he wants... He almost did it to me without hesitation.

So please, dont' hesitate. Don't reason with him. He's too deep in his own pain to see through it.

All the rest of you... keep on the look out as well.

Take care of yourselves.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Quick Summary Of Things

I've noticed we've had some new readers around and I thought I'd just write up what's happened so far since currently Dy and I are kind of just laying low and moving around constantly.

And I've kind of been post  happy because of certain events as of late. Not much you can do about it but atleast I can make it easier for you guys.


So basically my parents died when I was 18. After I graduated from high-school I took my inheritance and left my home town and my sister behind.

Over the 4 years of wandering aimlessly while being a sad panda strange stuff started happening. Disappearing out of existence and reappearing are only a few.

There were a lot of signs I missed, because frankly, I just didn't care.

However, one night that thing showed up, and me having my pity party didn't take it seriously and sort of ignore the warning signs. I was probably also in denial about it.

I'm kind of stupid sometimes if you haven't noticed. XD

Though It kept showing up and I got into blogs more and I started to realize I was in some deep shit. Eventually a proxy showed his head calling himself, Glyphosate.

As time went on I started gathering clues about my odd predicament. Eventually I found out there's some ancient power at work that attracts well... monsters, to me.

A few nasty things showed up. Specifically some shape changing shadow thing and then tall dark and faceless constantly mind fucking me.

Well the shadow thing seemed to have hindered Glyphosate's progress for the most part until finally he confronted me a second time and I found out that he is my father. He'd faked his own death and ended up following tall dark and faceless.

I'll go more into his story later.

Problem with monsters is sometime they're impatient. So eventually the bear attacked me and I was saved by fuck, I dunno, otherworldly things? Anyways, I ended up on the East Coast. I met a bunch of new friends. Went to a wedding. Met my traveling buddy Dysis.

And then that shadow thing showed up int he form of a bear. It chased us around a while. Dy suplexed it once. And then we ended up killing it finally.

So now we're trying to lay low and just keep moving. Probably review some waffles. Learn how to knit. Try and solve a rubix cube. You know. Idle for now.

So yeah. There you go. My crazy ass, action packed, rainbow colored, waffle induced, adventure a crossed the country, and through time and space.

As always, you guys stay safe. Eat plenty of waffles.