Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Quick Summary Of Things

I've noticed we've had some new readers around and I thought I'd just write up what's happened so far since currently Dy and I are kind of just laying low and moving around constantly.

And I've kind of been post  happy because of certain events as of late. Not much you can do about it but atleast I can make it easier for you guys.


So basically my parents died when I was 18. After I graduated from high-school I took my inheritance and left my home town and my sister behind.

Over the 4 years of wandering aimlessly while being a sad panda strange stuff started happening. Disappearing out of existence and reappearing are only a few.

There were a lot of signs I missed, because frankly, I just didn't care.

However, one night that thing showed up, and me having my pity party didn't take it seriously and sort of ignore the warning signs. I was probably also in denial about it.

I'm kind of stupid sometimes if you haven't noticed. XD

Though It kept showing up and I got into blogs more and I started to realize I was in some deep shit. Eventually a proxy showed his head calling himself, Glyphosate.

As time went on I started gathering clues about my odd predicament. Eventually I found out there's some ancient power at work that attracts well... monsters, to me.

A few nasty things showed up. Specifically some shape changing shadow thing and then tall dark and faceless constantly mind fucking me.

Well the shadow thing seemed to have hindered Glyphosate's progress for the most part until finally he confronted me a second time and I found out that he is my father. He'd faked his own death and ended up following tall dark and faceless.

I'll go more into his story later.

Problem with monsters is sometime they're impatient. So eventually the bear attacked me and I was saved by fuck, I dunno, otherworldly things? Anyways, I ended up on the East Coast. I met a bunch of new friends. Went to a wedding. Met my traveling buddy Dysis.

And then that shadow thing showed up int he form of a bear. It chased us around a while. Dy suplexed it once. And then we ended up killing it finally.

So now we're trying to lay low and just keep moving. Probably review some waffles. Learn how to knit. Try and solve a rubix cube. You know. Idle for now.

So yeah. There you go. My crazy ass, action packed, rainbow colored, waffle induced, adventure a crossed the country, and through time and space.

As always, you guys stay safe. Eat plenty of waffles.


  1. You forgot the charming young man who swept you off your feet.

    That's right, Morningstar! How could you forget Morningstar? For shame, Lia. Shaaaaaame. <3

  2. OH goodness how could I forget my knight in shining armor? ~swooooooon~

    Oh who can't forget Morningstar. My apologies I can only hope you forgive me, my love~<3