Sunday, September 18, 2011

An Update

Not much has happened for the passed... almost week.

Not even anything supernatural. Just a few sightings of Glyph's people and... maybe Glyph? I'm not entirely sure. We've just been laying low. Trying to relax and keep quiet after everything that's happened.

My bruises are nearly gone. My cheeks all better as well. I'm a fast healer. :3

Well... mostly because Dy makes me eat well and takes care me really well. Its wonderful that she's here. I don't think I would have made it otherwise, without her.

Anyways, we're just going to be laying low. Maybe we can meet up with a couple of you guys? I think that'd be nice. Right now I'll just give you the general area of central Jersey as to where we are.

Really? In Montana? My family would drive six hours to see my great aunt. So driving to meet up with some of you guys wouldn't be out of the question at all.

You know, Dy has a lot of money saved up. She doesn't seem to buy much though. I guess her old jobs paid a lot. Then again, I'm not entirely sure of all the jobs she's done in the past. I'll have to ask her about them later.

Anyways, just wanted to keep you all updated!

Don't be hesitant to ask to meet up.

Be safe and take care of yourselves~


  1. With any luck, we'll run into each other.

  2. It might be good to see you if we could manage it. Don't know what our plans are though, or if you're comfortable with interacting with Star...

  3. I'm not too far, actually.

    You'd be a sight for sore eyes, considering what I've had to deal with.


    @ Elaine: Honestly, I wouldn't mind it. Dy wouldn't either I don't think, but whatever floats your boat. I don't want to step on any things you have to do.
    @ Konaa: That would be lovely, dear <3