Friday, December 23, 2011

And there's THIS asshole

Hey everybody. Dy here again. Lia's been... well frankly she's been depressed ever since June passed away and she doesn't feel like writing here so she asked me to do so.

We've been laying super low for a while. Like a hipster's v-neck. Since there's three of us now we decided it'd be best to just chillax and not start any shit. Which hasn't been hard. We haven't run into any problems. No one's tried to tackle us. We had a few sightings of him but I'm guessing he's trying to keep the fear in us.

And so I decided to write this post and then I found this fucking shit and well neither of us wrote it. Sounds like some sort of play on Little Red Riding hood or some shit. Probably the same person who's posted those coded messages on ours and Mistletoe's blog.

It's annoying but not hazardous. Sort of like getting gum stuck in your hair.

Anyways. Just thought I should keep you guys up to date and let you know we didn't write that last post if it wasn't already obvious as fuck.

None of you die alright? Or I'll kick your ass.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

hmmm it has been a while hasn't it?

the flower has been very sad in the present

and the flower in the past has been lost

as any who lose their darlings

and their way

as have I

as she carries me 

so lets have a story huh?

There was a time long, long ago when a young girl was lost in the forest. She had wandered too far from her home and her village and the darling young one had become hopelessly lost in the constant  and repetative lines of trees.

This forest was particularly notorious for people becoming lost in it. Unless you left markers or could recognize the faded trails about, it was very likely you would become disoriented there as the trees seemed to grow in straight lines. Perfectly spaced from one another like some sort of orchard.

So this girl, lost among the endless pines, began to cry and call out. First for her mother and father, then for her siblings, and then for anyone, anyone at all who was about who could help her. The girl wailed and called wandering around scared and hopeless of ever finding her way out. Vertigo-ed and dizzy she sat down and silently wept against one of the trees.

Finally, a crunching of leaves was heard as someone stepped along the autumn fallen to her. The young girl looked up ecstatic that there was someone here to help, instead she found herself staring at a large black wolf with golden eyes.

The girl trembled and squealed terrified of this wolf that it would eat her and she shielded herself and fell over upon her stomach in the soft plush of the leaves and soon she felt a tugging at the back of her coat and she cried and screamed as she was lifted up and dragged.

The whole time she cried and covered her eyes as the wolf carried her along. The tips of her boots gently scraping a crossed the ground as it trudged along forest. It's footsteps getting quieter and quieter among the leaves, till finally it set her down on the ground and after a short while of nothing happening, the girl uncovered her eyes and looked around.

Just a few meters in front of her was the village and next to her sat the wolf with golden eyes. She looked at it surprised and stood up. She reached over to the wolf and gently felt its soft, thick pelt. It seemed to regard her for a moment before it stood up. Upon closer inspection it was obvious the wolf was quite old. Some of it's fur had turned white with age.

It turned around and quickly trotted off into the forest and the girl heard the calling of her mother before being scooped up into her arms and coddled as she scolded her for being gone and praised her for being home and safe.

After that day no one in the village reported seeing an old black wolf with yellow eyes, though a few had been caught in the forest. None had the same amber irises as the one the girl had seen. Despite that it had vanished the girl always regarded the wolf as her hero for it's strange and sudden kindness.

The End.