Friday, December 23, 2011

And there's THIS asshole

Hey everybody. Dy here again. Lia's been... well frankly she's been depressed ever since June passed away and she doesn't feel like writing here so she asked me to do so.

We've been laying super low for a while. Like a hipster's v-neck. Since there's three of us now we decided it'd be best to just chillax and not start any shit. Which hasn't been hard. We haven't run into any problems. No one's tried to tackle us. We had a few sightings of him but I'm guessing he's trying to keep the fear in us.

And so I decided to write this post and then I found this fucking shit and well neither of us wrote it. Sounds like some sort of play on Little Red Riding hood or some shit. Probably the same person who's posted those coded messages on ours and Mistletoe's blog.

It's annoying but not hazardous. Sort of like getting gum stuck in your hair.

Anyways. Just thought I should keep you guys up to date and let you know we didn't write that last post if it wasn't already obvious as fuck.

None of you die alright? Or I'll kick your ass.

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