Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Finally! Dy and I got release from the hospital!

Nothing too special to report. They pretty much cleared Dy of any internal injuries, infections, and gave us a big jar of silvadene cream and pretty much just told us to knock ourselves out doing whatever.

Though Dy's ribs are still bruised pretty bad. They've gotten much much better the passed couple days. Which is good.

Ribs are the worse thing to get hurt. You can't take a deep breath without it hurting.

She's also happy to be off of the pain medication they had her on... considering she kept saying super awkward things. XD

Oh Dy you are so funny when you're drunk.


I uhm... I'm better since I got the locket. Honestly, its really nice to have a memento of my mother's. I didn't get much from either of my parents after they died. I left home pretty fast. I didn't take much of anything.

Anyways... since the bears gone I'm pretty sure Glyph is going to be gunning for us now. I can only hope Dy and I can hold him off while we try and figure out our next plan of attack.

Or just...

What the fuck ever we're going to be doing.

Right now we're just avoiding getting murdered or kidnapped.

I think generally that's a good plan of attack for anyone.

Alrighty guys. We're off to drive around aimlessly for a bit.

All of you stay safe!


  1. I am glad you are well, dear ones.

  2. Be careful, Hylo.
    Glad you're out.

  3. Watch out. Your old man sounds like a pretty crafty type.

    Keep yourself alive, champ.

  4. Remember: He wants you, not Dysis. He strikes me as the kind of guy who would use lethal force to prevent any further complications. Personally, I would invest in a firearm.

  5. @ Maurice: Thank you.

    @ Elaine: I know right? Finally. Thanks!

    @ Konaa: He's clever but I'm And you know I will.

    @ Ellen: Dy's been talking about how its a good idea. We'll think it over some. Thanks for the advice!

  6. Good to see that you're alright. Be careful, alright?