Thursday, August 25, 2011

Last Night

Oh... my god...

Oh my god. Oh my god.

Alright. Uhm. Let me explain. We're safe... we're in the hospital. Because we're both a bit worse for wear... but it as fucking worth it.

The bear is dead. Dead deadarific dedalicious dead as dead can be dead.

So basically I was just writing a post last night you know? When we heard screaming. Dysis looked outside and sure enough it was trying to maul someone outside.

Dysis said to pack things up so I did we went outside and I waved at it and yelled at it. It noticed me. It was missing an eye and one of the harpoons was still stuck in it.

It roared and ran at us so Dy and I got in the car and it rammed the car so hard it almost flipped over. We pulled out of there and started driving into the city. This town's pretty small... pretty empty. Lots of alleys. Perfect for our plan.

So we drove around some, leading it trying to waste the night and bide time. We did till about four or five...

Pretty soon we hit a dead end and it crawled on top of our car. That was not good. So we both got out and fucking ran. Of course it followed after.

Thankfully it seemed really delusional. It was having a hard time keeping up. It kept bumping into things and having a hard time with corners, but it was desperate.

Some how we didn't notice it following (And I'm pretty sure we got lost) and out of no where it was in front of us and it jumped on Dy and swiped at her and tore three gashes from her shoulder to her sternum then clawed at her side but thankfully only scratched her.

 So what did Dy do?

She punched it in the face.

Then she got so angry she grabbed it by its jaws and tore them open so wide she tore off its lower jaw and started beating it in the face with it till it backed off enough she could wiggle away.

She was losing a lot of blood though so I pulled her up and I started to drag her away as the bear was trying to comprehend the fact that someone just tore off part of its face and almost beat its head in with it.

I started to run with her again looking for the car when we found it after fucking wandering for a long goddamn time.  Dysis was losing a lot of blood and was starting to get a bit woozy.

So I set her on the car and opened up the passenger side when it grabbed me by my leg and started thrashing me around on the ground. Dy went to the trunk and I heard her open it then I heard carpet tearing and her swearing.

It started to claw at me and slam me into the pavement when it screamed in pain and I felt nauseous for some reason and my head began to pound. The Bear seemed to notice as well because I heard Dy's lighter click then the bear let out a scream and backed off me.

I sat up to see Dy smashing a Molotov into the bear, lighting part of her arm on fire. She didn't seem to notice because she stepped forward with this black ax I've never seen her use before and she started hacking at the bear and yelling all sorts of stuff I couldnt' understand until its head finally came off and rolled away and it flopped to the ground.

The tar covering its body began to turn to dust and blow away.

Dy threw the axe in the trunk of the car in disgust then pat herself out and smiled at me and kneeled down before looking me over and hugging me.

We heard someone let out a gasp and we both looked to see a man standing  in the alleyway. Dy muttered something about him going to go call the police when he turned and started to back up.

And it lept on him. It slithered its way around him... atleast what was left of it... the tar stuff that is.

The man screamed in pain and it covered is face and spread over him. He staggered over and knocked Dy away and tried to grab me up. I rolled under the car and I think I posted this (Time stamps are off but I'll investigate this later) just to calm myself the fuck down.

I noticed the sun coming up so I rolled out from under the car, but it grabbed me and hoisted me up. Its maw began to open up again and I did the only think that I could think of doing.

I did what Dy would do.

I kicked it in the balls.

Which apparently had feeling still because it screamed and dropped me and started thrashing around.

The sun was nearly high enough that the light was coming over the mountains. It screamed and ran for the alley way but I grabbed its leg and tried to hold it back.

It kicked me in the shoulder and in the head a couple times so I let go and it got up. Dy grabbed it pulling it back. I got up and started to as well and we both picked it up and started to pull it back.

Finally as the sun peeked over the mountains it let out a scream, and like a fucking vampire in a movie it burst into fiery ash and withered away.

All of us collapsed, the man included.

We all laid there a little while before Dy said. "Did you.... did you kick it in the balls?"

I said "Yeah..."

and then we bumped fists and got up.

We dragged the guy into our car and drove to the hospital. We told them some... fuck I don't even remember what I told them but there was camping and fire and then... this guy.

Anyways we're both sitting comfortably in hospital beds. Dy needs it more than I do. I had some bruises and some scratches. A few of which needed stitches.

Dy had the gashes on her chest and some scrapes, bruises, and then some burns on her arm and the palms of her hands. We think her hip re-dislocated when it threw her away from me and she bruised a couple ribs.

The guy's fine. He attributes his weird memory of it to him apparently drinking all night. I just said we found him and thought he needed help and they accepted that.

So anyways... yeah. Just relaxing here in the hospital... watching bad soap opera's and eating pudding. Dy's sleeping. See above for the reason why.

This pudding is probably bad but right now it tastes sooooo goooood

Its gone though... and that's one less problem.

We'll uhm... keep you all updated okay? I would have posted earlier but... fuck. We were either sleeping or getting patched up.

All of you keep safe and don't do stupid stuff like us. We're horrible role models. :P

Bye for now.


  1. Fuck, Hylo. I'm so glad you two are alright.

  2. Ah Team Justice's motto is again proven true. "Kick it in the stones and it'll go down like anything else".

  3. ...
    you've made me proud, guys.
    *thumbs up*

  4. Nick obviously had a thing for you. He would wish you the best of luck, along with assertions of happiness at your well being.

    Glad to hear you are well.

  5. @ Elaine: Thanks, Elaine. :3

    @ Niles: AHahaha oh my god thank you. I'll remember that one.

    @ Spencer: Awww thanks Spence. You're making me blush.

    @ Ellen: Thanks for the support. It is always appreciated :)

  6. Bravo! Bravo!

    Congratulations! I hope you both recover quickly.

  7. you will not escape death FOREVER.