Saturday, August 13, 2011


Hey everyone. Dysis here. Uuhh not much to report on Hylo and I's end except that we're kind of waiting out the bear till it turns up again. Yes I can post that because I'm pretty sure It cant read, because our door had a "Do Not Disturb" sign on it and it just barged in anyways.

Anyways, Hylo had another check up about her noggin the other day so I left her there while I did some hiking. I don't give a shit if slender is out there. I need fresh air and the smell of trees sometimes. While out there I remembered another one of my tales from when I was a youth.

So let me give you a frame of reference or what the fuck ever. When I was young I just ran all over the goddamn place. Just fucking explored everything I could in the woods because I knew how to get home. So I pretty much memorized it. My teenage years I started getting more confrontational. Joined the football team of my high school even, because I could fucking slam people. I'm also pretty damn durable if you haven't noticed.

Then after highs-school I pretty much took up a job cutting up firewood, and delivering it to older people who lived in cabins who couldn't get it themselves or just lazy fucks. I'd come back in town afterward, go to a bar, get in a fight, and then go home afterwards. Then I ran into slender shit and things started to spiral, and lets just say some other tales I will tell you later happened and I got really fucking angry for a while. Like, I just didn't give a shit. I'd start a fight with anything or anyone that looked at all threatening. Which is how I got these five round scars on my chest and stomach.

There is a lot of paranormal stuff in the back woods as it turns out. But most of them just want to be left alone. Hence why they're all the way hidden in the back woods, just kind of chilling. I'd go out there to think though. and one day I ran into a nasty looking thing. I'll get Hylo to draw it one of these days but it can be best describe as an elk, with no hair or skin on its head/face, black fur, red glowing things looking out from it eye sockets, and cob webs all over its horns.

At that time I was pretty pissed all the time and I thought it was something bad. I was wrong. So I uh... confronted it to say the least. I yelled at it threatened it, and it got really fucking angry at me. So it charged and being the dumbass because I was pissed at the time it gored me pinned me into a tree with on of its antlers. Not hard enough to go through my bone but it burned and stung and it hurt like a bitch. I coughed up some blood and immediately thought. "This was fucking stupid" and then looked down at it pondering what to do.

If I didn't do something it'd keep pushing on me till I was dead o the first thing I did was put my boot on its head and held it back. After about 20 seconds of thinking I decided there wasn't much I could do. So I grabbed both of its horns, put a foot on the tree and twirled almost, hard enough, that I broke off both antlers.  It let go and backed off and stared at me before running off. So I was left standing there with one antler lodged into me and holding another. I didn't pull out the lodged one because I had no clue what it would do.

And the first thing I thought when I looked down at myself was "Fuck, how am I supposed to drive with this?"

That was the first thing. Fuck, I'm brilliant sometimes...

Anyways so I some how maneuvered the antler so I could drive and went to the hospital where everybody looked pretty horrified at me. They pulled it out carefully and I got some nice scars to show for my stupidity.

Y'know not everything is bad out there. Some shit just wants to be left alone. Also don't get angry. It makes you really fucking stupid.

Welp, we better head out. We're going north for a bit just to try and bide our time.

Like Hylo always says, keep safe you guys.

Don't punch bears in the face.


  1. I have a friend whose defining statement is "We punch monsters." Then again, I myself do not make it a habit to punch bears.

    Both of you need to go out for ice cream. It'll help. Don't forget to take time for the little joys in life. They help keep you feeling alive.

  2. Of course. Ice cream is fucking awesome. Hylo gets super excited every time we go.

    Thanks for the support, Nick.


  3. Ahaha yeeaaah. I can only hope when I get real old I look back on this and think I was just on a lot of drugs.


  4. Hmmm sounds pretty awful. Ye olde creatures are never pleasant when angry.