Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Over sickness/Weird things

So Dysis dropped me off on campus while she got called out to find someone. Its part of her work you know? She got sent out to look for a girl who apparently drove up to the woods and ran into the forest in a suicidal fervor.

I've been feeling much better and the fever's pretty much gone now.

I wandered around mostly because the person I talked to had to dig up old files and such. I contemplated a few things in the halls of scholarly thingamajigs and finally just ended up rolling around in a rolly chair for probably a half an hour before they brought the files to me.

And then....

They didn't have anything I didn't already know. So I went to the nearest McDonald's and played in the kids area.

However weird shit was a apparently happening to Dysis so I'll let her explain that.

Hey there. Its me again. So yeah, like Hylo mentioned I got called up for a job finding a suicidal girl that ran off into a forest and... weird shit happened to say the least. Not as weird as some things I have seen but it always getcha you know? Anyways so I followed the trail from the car and further into the woods. Yeah I know right? A runner surrounded by trees? Well it didn't do shit so I guess it was preoccupied iwth something else or something.

Anyways I follow the trail till the end and she was no where in sight so I decided to go off the path and I wandered around looking for some where you'd probably want to die and then I found it. It was this little pool with a waterfall falling into it. everything was lush and green around it. Beautiful if you ask me. Perfect for any one to look at as their final sight on this earth.

There was fucking blood all over the place and that shit worried me. Looks like it pooled up but then after that she moved around a lot. It was smeared on rocks and shit everywhere. Drops all over the fucking place. Looks like she fell over a couple times before she went into the wood. I followed her blood trail into woods and found a lot more on trees and on leaves. Eventually I got to the side of the highway where I found  a small puddle of blood with probably three teeth in it. They weren't pulled out though. Pulled teath usually have a bit of gums or muscle on them. Sometimes are fractured a bit. These were like... they just fell out.

It was fucking weird as hell so I left and told them what I found and suggested they put out a broadcast to people who have picked out any hitchhikers fitting the girl's description. Told them to be cautious about it too. I didn't like the look of this shit. Its like she tried to kill herself and then just got up and stumbled into the highway and spit out a couple teeth before getting picked up by someone.

Right-o. Werid things. Not that surprising to be honest.

So we have two more colleges to visit. In the mean time we might have to contact a few of you guys for possible places to stay.

You guys all stay safe and get your daily recommended amount of waffles.


  1. Hm. Best of luck, Dysis. Seems you'll need it.

  2. EEE

    That sounds... rather dreadful. Did it look like enough blood to be from a serious wound? Not sure if you're talking 'cut my leg while shaving and now it bleeds for half an hour' blood trail or 'I'm bleeding out right now' blood trail. Though I guess if she got up and walked away it has to be the former, right?

  3. What the fuck? That's really damn bizarre. Stay safe, both of you.

  4. @ Spencer: Dysis says thank you.

    @ Jessie: From the way she described it it sounded like the girl cut open her wrists and sat there then just got up and walked away.

    @ Elaine: Will do. Things just get weirder huh?