Friday, August 5, 2011

Uneventful trips/I hate finding dead things

So the search for that girl is apparently continuing. Dysis says they haven't found much of her. They're sending out descriptions and pictures of her all over the place though. I hope they find her and he get whatever help she needs.

In the mean time we drove down to the bottom of the state to visit a college and guess what?! Nothing. My mom was there but didn't leave any research behind so now we're heading down to DC.

Something semi exciting did happen though. Dysis brought me out road to get a second opinion on what I thought of the whole scene. It was pretty gross and I felt nervous. I'd just have to say what Dysis said is probalby true.

The girl probably cut her wrists and then blacked out before waking back up and walking around again.

Its really fucking weird but the fun didn't stop there when we were going back to Dysis's car we found a dead/mauled person on the side of the road

They were wearing a mask

God dammit. If that was what I think it was I'm glad we got the hell out of that place.

So yeah going to DC. Anyone in the nearby states want to hang out. Because I have a feeling DC doesn't have anything to offer and if that's the case I'm going to be kind of bummed

And really? We can drive anywhere to meet anyone. Dysis said she's perfectly fine with it. And driving around here is nothing like home where it takes 6 hours to see relatives.

Anyways yeah we're just moving along trying to keep busy.

You all keep safe mkay?
I'll see you later.


  1. I would, but I need some time before I go see people again. Maybe down the road.

  2. Dammit. Sorry you had to see that.

    DC, you say? I'm not far at all from you then. I could come hang out for a bit if you'd like!

  3. @ Elaine: That's fine. I understand. :)


    Its going to be so AWESOME

  4. At least you didn't freak out like Konaa did when HE was put on dead body duty.
    Hear that, kid? Outperformed! Even better, by your girlfriend!

  5. She is not my-

    ...nrgh. So, Spencer, it would seem you seek death as well..

  6. I did freak out at first then I just got really angry because it hindered our progress.

    Girlfriend? Really? I'm okay with this.

  7. HYLO! You're not helping! <<

  8. ... it's about damn time, guys!

  9. Oh I'm helping. And I will help all I want.

    You know you like it Konaa.

  10. adgjh You can't just SAY STUFF LIKE THAT! >< Look, we'll talk about it when we meet up, okay!? Just, enough of the peanut gallery.

  11. I just want to say, the medical impossibility of what you're describing makes my head hurt a little.

    Also, you two are adorable. <3

  12. Who knows. With all the weird stuff happening what isn't possible?

    Also: Hee heee.