Thursday, August 18, 2011


Holy fucking shit. We're fucking tired. Both of us.

We've been trying to stay in cheap motels with crappy outdoor doors and patios to lure out the bear but it isn't working, so we're staying some where fucking safe and getting a decent nights rest.

I've been making Hylo sleep more than I have. She doesn't sleep well enough as it is with her nightmares.

Fucking ay... well at least when I wake up I have been feeling pretty damn good. Dunno why. Maybe I'm having good dreams or something for fucking once.

Anyways, we might resort to other measures to lure out the bear if we get the goddamn chance, but that'd mean attracting tall and faceless again. Which is just something we don't fucking want. Avoiding that at all costs at this point. 

Glyph's been wearing down on Hylo but at least he hasn't tried to fucking maul us in a motel room.

Fuck anyways... 

Keep safe you guys. Take better fucking care of yourselves than we have...

Catch you on the flip side!

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  1. Stay safe, you two. And I'm glad you managed to actually get some sleep.