Saturday, July 30, 2011

In which Hylo makes a feverish attempt at creating literature

So I was going to make a quick post about how Hylo's sick with a fever but then I found this post waiting here with the time stamp for 3:00 am last night.

I guess her sleeping habits don't change for when she's horribly sick and she still remembers what she wanted to post about.

Anyways, here's the post: 

the bear the bear

I'm in my house its perfect my house so perfect

I love it I love the smell of this placet smells like home
Shut up I love the smell of home
I love lots of smells

I love how Dysis smells like forest
I love how Mom smelled like flowers
I love the smell of waffles
I love how that boy smells
I love how

No no no
I can't love that anymore
I can't love him he isn't the same anymore Dad isn't the same

Dad you left me why did you leave I loved you I loved you and you still love me why do you loveme
thiswould be soo much easier if you hated me now
If you didn't think you loved me if you yelled at me and cursed at me
If you raised your hand
but you don't you open your arms for a hug
why hwyhw
you're my dad still but you arn't
and the bear the fucking bear the one that slipped throught ewindow the one that smells like rotting flesh and shadows and dead flowers and dead trees and dead dead

I remember it i dn't tell because I didn't want you to worry i love you guys. I love you I loveyou Iloveyou I remember details I remember the pain I remember the feel of the carpeet when my face rubbed on it. I remember the pain of the muscles in my leg tearing open.

I remember how helpless I felt when it hit me on the desk. I remember how scared I felt when it dragged me along and threw me against eh window I remember how I gave up when it bit into my wrist and picked me up I remember the burning as it began to try and devour me.

Ir emember the hope I felt when he pulled me out. I remember the desperation as I grabbed my laptop and bag. I remember how weak I felt when I got my bag I remember how comforted I felt when the bear didn't hurt him. I remember

I'm going to make it guys I am I am going to survive

Both of us three of us all four five all of us
Deliveries and sword bearers and sages and researchers
every single one of us
we're going to make it
Even stars and messengers and poets and

I love you. I love you so much all of you esecially you you looks so cute when you look at me you look so you feel so warm so warm why did I say that I should sleep

I don't typ quiet dysis
will wake up
okay goodnight my loves. Goodnight
I love you
I love you all so much
we're all going to make it.
all of us will be happy
all happy


  1. ...Geez, Hylo, you really wanted to get this through to us, didn't you? XD

    You're right, though. We're gonna make it through this, no matter what.

    Stay safe! I hope I see you again soon.

  2. Hylo
    Thank you.
    We love you too.
    I think I needed that.

  3. Konaa KOnaaa Thank you. Thank you. I will I'll be so safe I will constantly wear water wings! FOR SAFETY.

    I'm happy then, Elaine~<3

  4. Hylo, thanks. Thanks for this. But make sure you...
    A friend of mine once said that "There's no happy endings". I'm inclined to agree with him. But maybe, well, maybe if you all work together you'll prove me wrong.

    I hope you all do.

  5. I'm going to work hard and I'm going to punch that douche right in the face while wearing water wings.

    Just you watch!

  6. ....fffffttttt.
    Trust you to make me burst out laughing.
    Hope you feel better soon, sweetie.