Sunday, July 24, 2011

Well you don't know me

But I know this blog and I know most of you.

Hello everyone. I'm Dysis and I am commondeering this blog for this post. I read a lot of the blogs around here. Never made one myself. Not that great a writer.

Let me clear up some stuff. Hylo is passed out on the bed right now with her head wrapped up.
I was in the room next door when I heard a commotion. I got worried and came over and saw it was her with this blog open. she was in the bathroom and apparently hit her head on I dunno what.

It wasn't bad. I could see that. Head wounds just bleed a lot ya know.

Needless to say I think its cause she checked the blogs today and apparently freaked out JUST AS MUCH AS I FUCKING DID.

CAM'S FUCKING DEAD. What the fuck what THE FUCK. And Konaa? HOLY SHIT.

No wonder she fucken freaked out.

Anyways Uh... fuck I'll keep you guys posted about this shit. Seriously...

I-I dunno how she'll be when she wakes up. I'm still fucking shaking.



  1. If either of you need anything let me know

    I only want to help

  2. Thanks for the offer, kid. We might need it.


  3. I have too many places to be and not enough of me to be where I'm needed. I don't know who you are, but you'd best keep her safe.