Friday, July 22, 2011

Weddings Weddings Weddings

My god I am tired. Today was one hell of a day... I went to a wedding!

So first off stayed up late last night awkwardly flirting and drinking a lot. Today I spent my day learning how to put make up on, how to walk in heels, awkwardly flirt some more, eat cake, drink, and punch proxies in the face.

So the ceremony was lovely. Everyone looked great... and there was more than a few people I am friends with, and an oddly familiar bellhop.

So basically after this wonderful ceremony things went to shit. There was stuff exploding, poisoned food, and a few proxies running around. Specifically a crazy pink haired girl who stabbed Konaa in the leg.

I ended up punching a few and some  how not getting blood on my dress and patched up Konaa after the struggle. I swear I saw a clown run by at some point when we were tussling with people.

Anyways so everything died down after we beat the crap out of the proxies and some how Spencer and August kept the cops off of us so kudos to them.

Then we had replacement food and Cam and Jake had their dance and their best man made a lovely speech as did Elaine.

Then I sat back and drank wine with Konaa and the lovely Jean. And eventually turned in.

So yeah... I'm just happy they're married and despite everything they had their moment. Thank you guys for a lovely evening. I'm going to look back on this fondly I think despite everything.

So good luck Cam and Jacob. I hope your trails are happy and your cake is un-poisoned.

I have to find something to do now.

Stay safe guys and keep rockin.


  1. Hey, we have a half empty house if you're ever up for a visit. ;)

  2. Hylo- Good luck. Stay safe.

    I swear to god, if you die I will drag your ass back out of the pearly gates myself and give you a STERN TALKING TO. I might even waggle my finger reproachfully. Then you'd be sorry.

  3. Yeah maybe Spencer. :)

    And I promise not to die Konaa. I don't need any of that finger waggling!

  4. Seriously. I'd join in. It'd be the most hardcore terrifying finger waggling you've ever seen.

  5. Yeah. It was wonderful, wasn't it? <3
    Even with the fighting. I got to see Jake looking all suave in a tux being all sexy and defensive... Bright sides, right?

    Be safe, Hylo, wherever you go, and remember our couch is always open.


  6. Oh god Nick. Not that. NNNOOooo

    Ahaha yes that is a pretty bright side, Cam. I'll be sure to hit you up if I'm ever in the same area again.