Thursday, July 28, 2011

Night Terrors/University/Home

Alrighty, kids and... adults.

Eh most of you are younger than me so you're kids to me. Anyways Hylo sleepin away right now. Its been a big day and last night was... long. So I'll start from the beginning of last night. Hylo's sleeping schedule pretty much consists of regularly waking up in the dead of night watching internet videos and then going to sleep. It doesn't seem to affect her much except lat night was different.

Mainly being she woke up once. Muttered something about tea parties and sharks and then promptly went back to sleep. After about an hour of tossing around she woke me up screaming fucking bloody murder. When I got up to check on her she had dug her fingernails into her left cheek and scratched deep into it. I didn't ask at first what it was about because I was too busy cleaning out her scrapes n' putting band-aids on them.

Jesus fucking Christ she broke a nail she dug so hard. I clipped them for her and stayed up with her till she fell asleep again. She didn't wake up that night at all. In the morning she was really tired so I bought her some waffles, which cheered her up a lot. We went and visited a clinic so she could get properly checked out and get her scrapes cleaned out. I asked her about it and she told me but he said she'd make a post about it later.

We went to a University. I won't say which one but we didn't find any of her mom's research. Which was a shame but Hylo seemed to enjoy how nice it was and just have a quiet walk. She bought a book from the book store on campus called Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli. It suits her I think. She read that all today driving until she fell asleep. We're at a hotel right now hanging out.

Hylo asked me today where exactly I was from and I explained I'm from Montana same as her, and then I got to tell her the good news. Her sister asked me to look after her. Yes. Hylo's sister was a good friend of mine for the past few years before I moved to the east coast. She knew I had been through some weird stuff and asked me to find her. Coincidentally I found out who Hylo was exactly and where she was via the post about Cam's wedding. I was on my way to NYC when I met her by chance.

Hylo's sister asked me because I used to work for the forest service finding people. I knew the woods where I lived inside and out. Thats how I met Him. I was looking for a couple kid that got lost... let's just say I found them alright. They were going down the fucking path hand in hand with him. 

I was walking down this game trail that forked off looking for them. Kids are smart. They follow well worn paths. So I got to the fork and looked down one end then when I turned to the other, all the trees were black. The trail was littered with black leaves and pine needles. He was standing there staring at me and holding their hands, and when I stepped on the path to go after them it fucking slammed me to the ground with the pressure. I looked up to see him turn around and walk off with them. By the time I could get back up they were gone. I have no idea what happened to them... but I have a pretty good idea that they're dead.

After that not much happened. I saw him every once in a while and it scared the shit out of me but it was never horrible. I ran into proxies and other monsters in the woods but those are stories for another time...

So now Hylo's sleeping like a rock and I'm going to bed soon too. Its been along day and a long night prior. Hylo will give her usual perky post in a day or two. So you guys all keep safe and keep sane and don't fucking die or anything.

Like Konaa and Hylo used to joke about, I will waggle my finger at you, so help me.

They're kind of cute together.

So goodnight. Everyone. See y'all later.

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