Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Q and A

So I guess I'll do this now since I'm not doing anything at the moment except... hiding... like a boss.

Who would have known this little town's motel was so nice? Also these waffles are amazing.

Anyways. Back onto business.

So I asked my father a few questions about Slenddouche and I thought I'd share what he said.

I asked him how long he thought it had been around and he said that he wasn't sure. He said that the abductions when he was younger could have really been anything since a there's a lot of horrible stuff out there that likes eating kids. He also mentioned that most the theories out there could be true... that it could have awakened or have been created when the SA forums first started chatting it up about it.

It would make sense. My father didn't start seeing it again until 5 years ago in 2006.

Which brings me to my next question. How the fuck did he survive?

Well he explained that the cause of the crash was indeed Slendfuckery. It just appeared in the middle of the road and my father swerved away from it and down a hill and into a tree. He explained the other body in the vehicle was a colleague of my mother. After the car crashed he said that It pulled him from the wreck and told him to pull the dead guy int he back out and put him in the front and to switch wallets with him. Then It told him to set the car ablaze which ended up catching a bit of him on fire hence the scarring on one side of his face.

He explained that after that he did mostly odd jobs for It. Mostly over looking other proxies reporting back to It occasionally snatching up people until one day it just so happened to notice me. He told me that the Lily does attract things he uh... how did he put it...

"You are like a single light in the dark. Everything that lives in the dark is noticing you."

So my suspicions were confirmed. It does attract monsters. I don't know if this is constant or if it's only when I use it but I've been abstaining from it to see what exactly happens. Some how though... I don't think that'll be the case.

I asked him what exactly Slenddouche intended to do with me and he said that It would 'remove my light'. Whatever that means. I don't exactly think it would just take the lily and then leave. I'm pretty sure its going to eat my delicious ass (I bet I taste like waffles.)

There were some other questions I asked but those will be addressed later. Since even he wasn't sure about them I have to go and do my own looking into about them.

So yeah that's all for now folks. I have to head out to far and distant lands and all that jazz.

Keep it classy. Keep safe.


  1. Wow. Hylo, be careful. Seriously.
    I somehow doubt it'll be that simple to get away.