Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dresses and Fake Mustaches

So going to this wedding thing is probably the most fun I think I'll have in ages... because the things leading up to hit has been so much fun.

1stly I went shopping for a dress with Cam and Konaa (Konaa needed a suit) and we found something lovely for him and something very nice for me. I haven't worn a dress in ages you know? I haven't even been shopping in probably a year or two. I should though, my shirt has a few holes in it.

Anyways at first I was angry but in hindsight it was very nice so thank you Cam for paying for my dress. I probably wouldn't have eaten for a week if I did.

2nd I went to a bachelor party. I wore a fake mustache as it was a cross dressing party and I always dress sort of like a dude. Everyone else who dressed up look wonderful seriously. August, dayam guurrrll you looked fine and you had a time as good as you looked!
So yeah I ended up swallowing down probably five sherries while watching August and a couple other people run around and have a good time and I... I think I flirted with someone?

It's kind of foggy. I haven't gotten drunk in a long long time so apparently I get kind of flirty when I do get drunk. I dont' remember much else except someone doing some ballroom dance move with me and then going home and peeling off my fake mustache then deciding "Yeah that's undressed enough" and passing out. Thankfully I don't get hangovers easily so I'm just drinking tons of water.

It was so so so much fun last night. I'm really looking forward to this wedding!

See you later guys.


  1. Hylo, it's been so much fun spending time with you as well! And yes. I didn't exactly take you to the affordable shopping.
    That dress MAY have cost the amount some people get paid in a month. I have money to spare, I see no reason not to use it to help my friends.


  2. Gotta say, I liked your dress, and I'm not one for formalwear. See you at the wedding!

  3. Ah, it's always so nice to see the children of today enjoying themselves. Brings me back to the days of my own youth. Have a wonderful time at the wedding, Miss Hylo.

  4. Enjoy the wedding for me, Hylo.

    Dressing up is one of those thigs one must splurge on.

    ...Also, this may seem weird, but if you ever want a place to door is open.

    If you wanted. I mean Id understand you know I mean you know

  5. Maybe sometime Maurice. We'll see how things wind down in the end.

    And thank you Cam and Konaa.