Sunday, July 10, 2011


So now that I'm in a comfortable place I'll explain how exactly things went down.

Also I'll just say now I'm sorry I freaked all of you out but I couldn't risk him finding out what I was planning.

So for starters we met up in this warehouse that was pretty empty. He had his usual three proxies with him. I suspected more were outside.

He really was my father. I asked him questions only my father would know and he answered them correctly.

So I asked him my questions and he answered them. They were mostly about the lily and most of it was stuff I already knew and I will delve into more of that stuff later.

So when that was good and done with he asked me why I decided to do this and agreed to our terms. Why I just gave in so easily and I smiled at him and said, "Because its really easy to lie to you, Dad." and dropped a can of tear gas in his hands and ran.

He got overwhelmed pretty easily by that and one of his other proxies made a run at me. The first one went to go help my father. The second one grabbed me but I elbowed him in the gut. The third one was calling whatever proxies were around to grab me. When I turned the corner to get out of the ware house one of them hit me in the face. I swear I will have a perpetual black eye. So yeah I took out my bat and hit him in the face a lot.

I ended up narrowly avoiding the rest of them. Problem is I was so focused on not getting grabbed by the proxies I didn't notice I was running into the woods.

And Jesus I almost ran straight into Him. I felt that weird feeling you get around him. Its like... you're so horrified by him you almost feel comforted all I could do was stop and stare until I felt the equivalent of a bitch slap across my mind and my head stung. I came to my senses and ran away from it and onto a nearby road and hitched a ride with some nice people.

When they asked about my injuries I told them I fell down a hill while hiking and laughed it off. I should be an actress one day with how good at lying I am.

So now I'm kind of idling trying to figure out what the hell I'm going to do now...

I have a sort of new goal but... I'm not sure how I'll achieve it... I think I'll manage though.

Once again, all of you guys stay safe okay?

Rock on party people.


  1. Jeez.
    Hylo, you're brilliant, and I may have to punch you for scaring me like that. That said, good job.
    Stay safe


  2. ...Hahahahaha. You have STYLE, lady. That's very similar to what I would have done. Who says the good guys can't lie?

    Consider me along for the ride with this blog of yours, as a fellow troll.