Thursday, March 31, 2011


So I made it out of the house fine. No one noticed me. I got dinner and now I'm at a bookstore reading about urban legends
Since the tall one seems to be following me and at this point just observing. I'm going to head to another city. Not entirely sure. I checked out the bus stop.

I know there are plenty of places not safe but honestly at this point I'm not too worried about that. I'm way to paranoid and nervous about this city to stay here.

I don't even know where my sister lives anymore. We haven't really been close since she started high school, but when I told her to take all of the inheritance she made me take some. Maybe my home town? Its been a really long time.

Any body have an suggestions on where to go? I'm really stumped at this point.


  1. How are you talking to us, anyway? Do you have a laptop or something? Just curious. ^^;;;

  2. Yeah. Its like two years old. Most of my money went into this. I love it. Its my baby.

    I mean... I don't have an unhealthy overprotective feeling for my laptop.

  3. I can tell you where not to go along with one suggestion that comes to mind.
    Stay away from Boston, Mass. The Black King is so deeply rooted there that He's actually created a pocket dimension in Charleston.
    Eagle Lake, Maine is relatively proxy and Slender Man-free, though.

  4. Yeah going to stay away from Boston and Charleston. I'll remember Maine for later. I'm way to far away from it for now.

    Thanks for the advice!

  5. There are other towns that are mostly free from Him. I have began posting a list of towns not Infected by Him for whatever reason. I've started with Maine. I'll finish New England and work my way through the States while compiling the lists.