Monday, March 28, 2011


So yeah in case you didn't see the last post yeah I hopped in a car with someone and just kind of ghosted in the back seat (Deleted the last post because it seemed sort of pointless.)

And that thing that's been following me? It almost ate me at a gas station we stopped at.

Gawd it was horrible. It has feline characteristics except that its... nearly made entirely of blackness and its eyes. They were empty and white. Like a pair of white holes boring into you.
I'll draw it tomorrow and try and find a scanner.

But yeah it almost got me when I was coming out of the bathroom and no one was around. I managed to ghost in time for it to miss me and got in the car as fast as I could.

Jesus, that was awful...

Anyways my 'companion' and I are at a motel for the night. I took a shower and I'm sleeping in an empty room for now. I would love to stay in the same room as my companion but... I'd rather not experience any awkward "OHMIGAWD WHAT ARE YOU DOIN IN MAH BED CRAZY LADEH??!?!?!1!"


Anyways gonna sleep for now. I feel much better now that I've bathed and hope that that thing didn't follow us any farther.

Nighty Night, world.

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