Monday, March 28, 2011


Alright so I woke up before my travel buddy. Nothing much going on here. That thing doesn't seem to have followed us but... you'd be surprised at how persistent creatures can be.

I slept well except... when I woke up in the middle of the night because I fell off my bed (shut up it happens.)

I looked over at the window and there was a pale guy in a black suit staring at me.

Wonderful. That asshole.

Yes I know what it is. But it did nothing threatening so I don't really give a shit. The only time I'll care is if he sends his little buddies after me.

Until then I hope if that thing did follow us it'll keep them at bay until I can find a way to kill it. After that normal humans aren't really a huge problem. Ghosting and shifting will keep those dicks away enough for me.

I haven't really fought before so I don't know exactly how strong I've become. I'm more of a stealth person then a fighter.

Oh well. I'll be posting drawings tomorrow since this motel doesn't have anything I can use as a scanner and its still several days from our goal.

Until then I'll stay as safe as I can.
Keep it real people

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