Wednesday, March 30, 2011


There are people with masks outside. Just gonna... you know... Stay here. Yeeaaah....

Watched some pointless youtube videos so I feel much better about everything. Still laying on the bathroom floor with my laptop.

So Sage asked earlier how this whole crazy pocket dimension business came about.

Honestly I don't remember the specific event but I'm pretty sure it happened about four years ago when I was 18. The day before was perfectly normal. Went through the daily motions and everything and went to bed.

The next day I woke up on my roof.

Now lets just establish that I do not sleep walk. I roll around sometimes but I don't actually get up and climb up to my roof and chill in my sleep.

The first time I discovered my ghosting/cloaking stuff was when I was almost mugged in Denver I think. The guy jumped out at me and I screamed. Everything suddenly felt... safe and there was a slight glow to everything around me and he looked around confused yelling for me even though he was right in front of me after he left everything went to normal.

Eventually I got it to work by will rather than a strong emotion after some experimentation.

Shifting was about the same. I was running from someone trying to rob me. I was running towards a wall and all I thought was "Iwishthiswallwasnthere!Iwishthatwallwasn'there!" and I ended up going through the wall much to my surprise.

Though after that it took a lot of time to perfect. I got stuck in some plaster walls a couple times. That's not fun by the way.

Its hard mostly because manipulating my own pocket dimension outside of the basis of our normal plane of existence is just really hard for me to handle. I'm not that focused.

Also as for my family life? Yeah pretty damn normal up until I was 18. My parents died and I left town after I graduated. I have a sister but the most I do is email her that I'm still alive and occasionally send her stuff around the holidays.

Alright thats it for now. Gonna watch more stupid youtube videos.

PS. Yeah I changed my name to Hylocereus. My mom was a botanist and that was her favorite flower.

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