Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Damage report:
Nose bloodied (not broken)
Right cheek and shoulder are all bruised and scraped up
Left ankle twisted
First degree burns on right hand and fore arm.

Holy. Shit.
At least I don't think the Shadow Cat will be bothering me for a while.

I was looking for some place to sleep at around midnight last night still and it came from behind me and grabbed my left ankle. It pulled it out from under me and lifted me up before smashing me on the ground. My face and shoulder hit first. I managed to use my free leg to kick out some of what I thought was its teeth and it let me go.

So I ran as fast as I could away from it and it chased me, but goddammit it was smart. It managed to corner me. I couldn't shift or ghost because I was way to delirious from my face hitting the sidewalk.

It slunk up to me and as it opened its jaws to bite off a chunk I was so angry at that moment that I just punched it in its face. My arm got stuck in it. It felt like that gack stuff you make in science class in 7th grade and it burned and stung.

I felt something in it though. Some thing with two holes in it. So I dug my fingers into it and started pulling and pulling. It tried to pull back and we did this until there was a pop and the thing I was pulling came loose.

All of the black stuff just sort of melted away and went down some drain till all that was left was a cat skeleton and I was holding the skull.

I... I dont' know what to make of this but... I don't know. I managed to find an uninhabited house and I patched myself up. Thanks to Girl Scouts for telling me to always carry a first aid kit...

I just slept on the floor of the bathroom with the door locked till now. Luckily someone next door didn't password protect their wireless.

I'm... I'm going to stay here a while. I think I heard some people walking around out back. I'll leave eventually though.

Until then I'm going to take a nap maybe watch something.

All of you keep safe.
Wanderer out.


  1. I've never really encountered someone who does exactly what you do. How did you learn to do it?

  2. There's a gap in my memory as to the event that made me this way. After that I learned by experience. It was a reflexive thing at first. Someone would scare me and I would disappear to them. Eventually I learned how to use that feeling. I only learned shifting a couple months ago. I'll probably make my next post about that.