Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Goddamn, All Over The Carpet

So Konaa showed up. Fucken bleeding all over the place no less. Fell into the doorway, and muttered somethin about no hospitals about how they "wouldn't do any good."

Well we found out pretty fucken quick that was true. Hylo flipped a bitch seeing him like that and helped me lay down some towels and carry him over to an open spot in our motel room. We found where the source of the bleeding was and guess what? No fucken wound. Not a single scratch on this fucken kid.

So we put pressure on where the bleeding was and eventually it stopped, yeah. So now we're waiting for him to wake up. Can't get Hylo to move from his side. She gets so worried. She cares a lot about people, no matter who they are.

So now we're waiting for him to wake up. Trying to relax. Keepin the door locked and all the blinds drawn in the mean time.

EDIT: Looks like he woke up.


  1. ... glad to see that another one of our merry band /didn't/ bite the dust. Having soul pains, kid~?