Saturday, June 25, 2011


Okay Glyphosate. You can just go fuck yourself. Same with your three proxies. Though it'll probably be two now right? I kind of hit that one guy in the shins with a baseball bat and I'm pretty sure I broke something important.

Let me explain a little... Glyphosate tried jumping me when I was walking out of a coffee shop, or should I say his three proxies he travels with. I hadn't really realized till now, but he does have a couple proxies working under him that I have seen each time (sometimes it's hard to tell because they switch out their masks, clothes, etc.)

Anyways it was late, I've been having a hard time sleeping on account of nightmares and tonight didn't look like I was going to sleep at all so I decided to fuel myself up with some delicious and heavily flavored coffee.

Right after I walked out we pretty much just got into a scuffle and I got away by hitting them with my bat a lot.

So now I'm on a bus leaving this town while I still can. Glyphosate is getting waaaay too close for comfort.

Alright so right now I'd just like to recap on the lily for my own records.

So what we've discovered so far is that the lily is from the middle east, specifically Babylon (or Assyria). It has some sort of connection with the goddess Ishtar. Basically what it's supposed to do is help defend against monsters apparently by drinking its nectar. It grants a couple special things but as far as I can tell it allows you to create a pocket dimension. Which could be a problem when going up against the slender one.

Problem is it has some nasty side effects. Specifically that it seems to attract monsters, and some pretty god awful ones. I have a sneaking suspicion it attracts a lot more its just that they end up fighting over who gets the prey and the strongest one's come out on top so shadow bear and Slender douche seem to be on top of the food chain. It also causes the person who drinks it to become more distant from loved ones or become more socially isolated.

This all pretty much explains what has been happening to me for the past eight years of my life.

Well looks like we're heading into some deep forests guys. I'll keep you posted once I get out of here.

Thanks for everything guys. Stay safe.


  1. I saw the comment you left me.

    I appreciate it. Thank you.

    Thank you very much.

  2. Ah that was just a test to see how well equipped you were. Which must admit, we were surprised to see you were.

  3. @ Maurice: No problem. You've been kind to me.

    @ Nick: Don't worry I'm keepin it real.

    @ Glyph: Your face is stupid. That's all I'm saying now because I'm tired.

  4. Oh for CRAP's Sake won't you die already? God DAMN it should not be this hard to kill ONE Weed. Even if it is a MAGIC Weed.
    Huh. Magic Weed... Wait. Dammit. Slice is dead.

  5. Herein lies our problem, brother. We are not supposed not supposed to kill her. Meerly wear her down till she has no hope to continue or capture her.

    Destroying her hope has been more rewarding. A long process yes but more rewarding.

  6. Glyph, I hate you even more now.