Monday, June 13, 2011


Sorry this post is a bit late but I've been dodging IT all day. First I could hardly get off of campus yesterday. Then I almost didn't make it even into the hotel and then his presence got to be too much and I left the hotel so now I'm on a bus heading off to... somewhere. I didn't really check before sneaking on.

It didn't seem like it was trying to catch me. It kept it's distance and just... watched. Which is unnerving enough by the way. I think that gets to me more than it being close.

If anything this turning invisible thing helps with making sure travel is cheap.

So anyways reading through mom's research. It's mostly stuff I dont' understand because I don't have a degree in botany. It does look pretty normal so far though. Looks like its all just her usual research.

She studied mostly stuff about cross pollination among wild flowers and how that all pans out. I don't understand most of it but I guess she loved it.

I'm really tired right now so I'm going to try and sleep. I'll guys keep you posted while I shuffle through all of this paperwork.

As always you guys keep safe and rock on.


  1. I'd give you a hug, but the internet is bad for that. :(

  2. Curse you internet! WHY CAN YOU NOT SEND HUGS?

  3. Hello, flower. Remember all that fun we had together? Well I'm very close to where you are and I won't be playing this time.