Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dream Sharing Time

So lately you all know I've been having some pretty awful goddamn nightmares.


I have to spew this musical ridden dream before I forget it, because it was SO AWESOME and TERRIFYING at the same time and I am amazed at how well I can remember song lyrics.

I have a sneaking suspicion this is because of the painkillers I've had to take because of my leg.

OKAY So basically this dream was a musical. A musical with solos, and roles being filled, and costumes, and sets and all sorts of crazy stuff.

So it started out with me laying in a bed of glowing hands while singing the theme to “New York, New York“. Then suddenly I broke out into “Time Warp“. Moving along through t he stage towards a new set.

While doing this some new people showed up and were each dressed, and singing the parts of, different characters from Rocky Horror Picture Show. I was Janet, Nick was Brad, Morning Star was Riff Raff, Tensor as Magenta, someone I didn't know as Columbia, and uh… oh god. Slend Douche was Dr. Frankenfurter.

We did the dance perfectly until we danced into a next set so it was just Nick and I. There was a bit of an awkward silence and then Nick started on his solo which was “Don’t You.”.

We ran around the town as he sung that until we departed and I ended up walking down the road along singing “Mykonos“. After walking around for a while I ended up getting lost and the road completely merged with the forest and then Glyphosate popped out from behind a tree on a motor cycle

He started to sing “Dentist!” From Little Shop of Horrors, and I was absolutely horrified. He had the whole greaser get up and everything.

So I started to run away from him as several other proxies came out of the woodwork and I ran into Nick, Ryuu, Kay and several other runners who started a west side story type stand off with all the snapping and stuff. You know what I’m talking about. It was all very well coordinated with the runners coming out on top.

When we were done we camped out for the night and started talking about stuff when Ryuu had her own solo. Which was, I think, Waiting For Life, and it was wonderful.

Then the proxies came back with You Know Who (not Voldemort you dorks) and we did a final battle but no one sang instead it was just music. Of course it was the creepiest goddamn music I had ever heard in my life. None other than music from silent hill. Akira Yamaoka you brilliant bastard.

In the end we lost a couple runners but we ended up winning due to someone throwing a Molotov at Slenddouche and then cutting off it’s head with an axe and all the proxies expiring one way or another.

We hugged and celebrated and it ended wit the curtains closing and I came out in front of them to a microphone while wearing a top hat (wot wot) and singing one of my all time favorite songs, Many Moons.

Then I woke up and here I am typing this all out before I completely forget it.

You may interperate this pain killer fueled, music ridden, dance fest however you want.

I thought it was awesome. And amazing. And mind blowing. And hilarious.

I need to go now and get some something to eat.

Keep it musical and magical, people. ;D

Catch you on the flip-side.


  1. Wow.
    That's insane and brilliant. Shitstar as Riff! Awesome!

  2. -_- I can't think of a worse fate than us being Brad and Janet, the two most useless protagonists in the history of musicals.

    ^_^ on the other hand! Me actually pulling off Don't You would be pretty damn sweet! Hooray!

    Feel better. Seriously, I get worried about you and painkillers mixing. :(

  3. I knoooww... I've been to enough Rocky Horror parties to know that for sure. At least in that song they weren't so useless.

    And don't worry. I'll be fine. I'm not driving or anything. And I promise not to get stuck in a wall.

  4. Also @ Elaine and Maduin: IT WAS SO MAGICAL. I hope you guys are in my next crazy dream. :D

  5. ...Hylo, HOW does your subconscious know not only my favorite musical EVAR, but also my favorite song from said musical? HOW? XDD

    It's gotta be the collective unconscious. JUNG WAS RIGHT! =P

  6. Why can't my dreams be like that. I keep DYING in mine.

  7. @Morningstar: Are the dreams in which you're dying the best you've ever had?