Saturday, June 4, 2011


Hey guys. I made a new hug buddy.

The incredibly awesome AmalgamationSage picked me up from the hospital and treated me nice and many hugs and laughs were had.

First off my stitches got taken out. I’ve always been a pretty fast healer. Now I’ll use the epic scar I’m going to have to pick up men with it by saying I punched a bear in the face. (sarcasm)

He picked me up and took me out to eat. Where we discussed some stuff and made jokes. It was… really nice. Honestly it was the best meal I’ve had in days and the best company in a long time.

We talked about my parents and about runners in general. About how hard it is to do what we do. I think I made him sad at one point but I told him we’re all in this together and he agreed. Its good to know there’s a support system around, and Nick cares a lot about other people.

Then he took me to buy a new baseball bat since Glyph kind of took mine. Got an aluminum one this time at the advice of Nick. I trust his judgment better than mine. I’m not very experienced in any sort of self defense.

Which is some of the next things he taught me… after ice cream of course. I’m pretty sure he was trying his best to fatten me up. I can’t complain though, it was really, really nice.

So you know that problem I have? Where I panic and lose it really easily and I just sort of flail at my problems? I got help with that.

We did some tai chi and some breathing exercises. Things like the push hands, that helped me relax a lot. I tend to tense up and get kind of stiff when I panic, and like Nick said its better to be relaxed than tensed up in most situations.

Then we did breathing exercises which will come in handy when in really intense situations. Hopefully I’ll be able to concentrate more and panic less now.

Then he gave me some more tools and hugged then said our good byes. I didn’t want to leave but honestly, Nick doesn’t deserve anything I attract.

I’ll come back though. I promise I will. And I’ll pay him back for everything he did for me.

I’ve gotten a new drive to keep going and keep moving. It really helps to know I have friends out there. I’m going to keep practicing what I’ve learned and keep a live.

So thanks again Nick.
Really, you’re the best.
I’ll make all this up to you one day.

Right now I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Maybe go to the beach?
Eh who knows. I'll find something to do.
In the mean time you all stay safe and living.


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  2. Awwww... Do you have a new Boyfriend, Hylo?

  3. Oh what? Are you jealous now or something?

  4. Well damn, Hylo, I was worried about you getting caught up with all the stuff that I attract!

    Next time, we'll have to hang out longer.

  5. No, no I am afraid you are not my type. I like people who are smarter and more capable than you. You are little more than worthless sack of flesh to be split open sooner or later and be food for the maggots.

  6. Well you're not exactly my type either. I don't go for psychopaths. You're just an insignificant fly circling a flower that will eventually just devour you.

  7. Also yeah, Nick. I'll swing by again later and hopefully when I'm not slightly crippled.