Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tea Parties?

So Its been pretty uneventful in the hospital. I've just been messing around on the internet the past couple days waiting for the okay to take my stitches out and for me to be released.

So I was about to fall asleep at about... Midnight last night when I started to nod off. So I fell asleep for a couple  minutes and opened my eyes to see someone sitting on my bed.

That woke me up fairly fast and I sat up and attempted to use my blankets as a flimsy shield when the man offered me a cup of tea. He was kind of pale and wore formal clothing and a top hat. He smiled at me and said. "Come on now. Tea will help you heal..."

I just stared at him wide eyed and he growled a bit so I took the tea quickly and muttered. "Its not poison is it?" and he shook his head.

So I took his word and sipped the tea. It was my favorite, peach.

"Come on now. You can't expect me to snuff out a light like yours." He said and sipped his own tea and pulled over my bed's tray and set down a tea cake for me. "Though its dulled a bit."

"What do you mean?" I asked and hesitantly unwrapped the tea cake.

"You've convinced yourself you're going to fail. You've lost your hope." He said and ate his own tea cake.

I just quietly drank my tea. It was true. The past couple days have been kind of rough emotionally. I just keep getting beat down whenever I go somewhere new. I haven't felt like I'm going to make it.

"You also forgot your birthday." He said and pushed my tea cake a little closer to me.

So I ate my tea cake and frowned. I did forget my birthday. It was on the 21st. I'm now 23 years old.

"Come on now. Don't looks so sad! You've got so many talents! I wish I had them when I was still alive!" He said and laughed and threw his head back and I noticed that the top half of his neck detached from the bottom half a little and there was a distinct line around his neck where the two halves weren't connected.

"Wait you're not... Uh... you know, Mr. Crane?" I asked and he nodded and smiled at me. "Man that's rough... so you're dead and stuff?"

He nodded again. "Oh yes yes I am. You know it isn't that bad. So don't worry about me. You need to focus on yourself right now. There's a great deal of things soon you'll have to face and you need to be strong." he said and pat my head.

"Wow... I'm getting a pep talk from a ghost..." I said and smiled a little at him.

"Thats the spirit! Now buck up darling. You have plenty of friends willing to help you. I'm sure thats why all those voices dropped you off here." He said and then stood up. "I must take my leave now. Its getting a bit late for me to be out. I don't want him to find me again." He said and then he just vanished. Just, like, blinked out.

Wow... Either I was tripping out from all the drugs I've had to take the past couple days or the ghost of Ichabod Crane just came to say hello...

I dont' think I should question this otherworldly business anymore. Just kind of... you know... roll with it. So I'll just try and do as he said and cheer up as best I can.

Keep it real everyone.

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  1. I'll tell you from experience that all you can really do is roll with it. And if you get it in the right place, trip it up a bit and make it look stupid.

    And try to find a way to win. That's the important part.