Thursday, May 26, 2011

Well huh...

Uhh where I am exactly I won't say since I'll be here a little while. But uhh... wow its an interesting place to be.

Lets just say its a place of legend in New York.

Anyways so sorry for scaring everyone but I've been out t he past couple days sleeping or coming in and out of sleep without enough coherency to actually type something. My right wrist has also been messed up a little but has been fixed. It still hurts though.

So I think this is how things have gone down the past couple days:

That shadow bear managed to slip in through my window. It squeezed itself in and as I was coming back to my room from a food run it grabbed my leg like before only with a tighter grip in its teeth. It picked me up and slammed me against the wardrobe in my hotel room and then threw me against the wall. 

From here on its really fuzzy what happened exactly past everything being blurry. It got really dark and then light again and then really bright right before I blacked out completely.

I was apparently found on the side of the road and they took me to the nearest hospital. When asked I said I was mauled by an animal but I wasn't sure what it looked like. 

And now here we are. Sitting in a hospital bed. Hoping nothing seeps through the ceiling and decides to off me or steal me away.

Uhh... I'll be here for a little while so I can heal up. Any suggestions on what to do while I'm in bed here? 


  1. So you are alive. Well, that is glorious. Just keep recovering and soon we will be there to take you to him.

  2. Back off, Glyph-boy. You're on my turf and she is NOT a target right now. You've been warned.