Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Destination Unknown

I have possibly the worse head-ache imaginable right now but its okay...



There wasn't much of it anyways... But I guess that makes sense since it was kind of cut off short.

So I can't actually translate the text but my father is an awful vandalizer of old books and likes to write in the margins so there are some translation notes here and there.

So what I could get from it the lily was said to be a gift from Ishtar (or if you're Sumerian Inanna) the Babylonian/Assyrian goddess of love, war, sex, and fertility. From what broken bits of translation I got it was meant to be a tool against what my father only wrote as "dark things". I assume that's all the monsters I seem to attract.

Other than that its broken bits of foot notes that I can't understand.

So yeah that was a little bit of help...

In other news I have gained more weight (good weight too!) and am looking less and less like a twig.

Stay safe everyone.
May your drop kicks to your enemies faces be plentiful and damaging and your travels be safe.


  1. Just keep moving. And don't get cocky. ;D

  2. The sickness and constant proxy sightings kind of keep that at bay. But I still try to stay positive.

  3. You should listen to him. You're lucky that monster is around to keep us at bay. You must ask yourself though, how much longer will it wait with such prey so close by?