Thursday, May 26, 2011


Okay guys I'm alive. In a hospital in... fuck I dunno. Somewhere between Jersey, Philli, and New York. I'm awful with eastern coast accents. Western Montana hardly has an accent beyond an occasional twang.

Long story short I got jumped and knocked almost the fuck out and don't remember much past that except waking up a couple hours ago and getting a look over from the doctors before wiping the blood off of this laptop. I'm going to be released uh... soon?

Fuck my right wrist hurts like a bitch so I'll post later.

Nurses are giving me the stink eye for not sleeping so I'll get on that now.

All log-in info and stuff has been changed as to not get hacked.

I'll try and remember more and post tomorrow sometime or the day after.

See you in dreamland.


  1. By all that's holy kiddo, you gave everybody a good scare. I'm just glad you're alright. Try to figure out where you are. I know people around here. I can always try to be helpful, eh?

    If you didn't see on my profile, you can reach me at If you're not up for anything, trust me I understand.

    Right. I need to get Kay out of unholy weird-realm. Try to stay intact, alright? :D

  2. Of course, bud. I'm stuck here a few days and I've been having trouble asking where I am exactly (having a hard time talking my jaw's a bit sore).

    Good luck with Kay's situation.