Saturday, June 11, 2011


Ahh campus. Such a bustling community of no one around because its summer goddammit.

So I'm currently on a campus waiting for one of my mother's coworkers to get some of her things. She's been very nice about everything. She's only brought up my parent's death once and asked if I was doing alright.

I told her yeah despite the bandages on my wrist and leg and fact I saw the suited douche today.

I was riding the bus on the way to the campus when wen drove past him just... standing there right down an alley way. I knew it was him. You always know its him when you see him.

And then I saw him behind one of the buildings on campus before I went inside this building. He seems to be keeping his distance...

I'm going to keep cautious. Keep an eye out for any trouble.

Oh she's coming back now with a good sized folder. I'll post tomorrow on my findings or if anything happens.

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