Saturday, June 18, 2011

On The Edge Of Glory

Ignore the Lady Gaga title. I am lacking in creativity but over abundant in sleep deprivation.

Lordy Lordy. I know I haven't posted in a couple days but its not without reason. Glyph has resurfaced and it hasn't helped at all.

I haven't been spotting Him but I have been having nightmares again. Which really throws off trying to travel when I'm trying not to pass out in random places.

I also managed to read through all of my mother's research that I gathered from that last college. She was writing up some stuff on a certain lily from the middle east.

Yeah you know the one. She doesn't write much past about how it doesn't have pollen and any sample she takes of the nectar looks like a water sample and reads out as an ordinary water sample.

She mentions stuff about my father starting to lose it as well. She mentions him being more distant and him being more paranoid. She says that he did tell her stories about things that happened to him as a kid, and guess what? Its all slender related.

Things are starting to come together if only a little bit. I'm going to keep hitting universities and colleges she worked at and keep avoiding Glyphosate. I don't think I'll find much more but I can at least learn more about my mom's work.

As usual I'll keep you guys posted as usual and update if anything crazy happens.
Keep it classy people.


  1. Now you're cooking with Gas! Hey, if you ever end up back in town, we're totally going to a sushi joint. :D


    *the ship releases fulll sails*

    But honestly this stuff is pretty interesting.

  3. @ Nick: I've Never had Sushi.

    @ Maurice: AHAHAH Oh god. Every time you comment. Oh man, thank you.

    And yeah. I want to know what he fuck is going on too.