Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sorry For The Delay

Dysis here.

Sorry for the absence. We're still in recovery mode as of late. Lia's had it pretty hard. Thank god June is here. She's getting better but there's still stuff that gets to her. I can't imagine losing my dad. We've always been pretty close. My mom too. I kind of got her attitude. She didn't take shit from anyone.

Y'see she was a single mom. Got pregnant when she was twenty somethin. Had me. Didn't give a fuck what the family said about her behind her back. Her parents were fairly supportive. Helpin out  with me and all that. She ended up marrying my dad when I was three or four. Nicest man I've ever met. He met my mother at a laundry mat when I tried getting some candy from a machine and couldn't reach it. He helped me and brought me back to my mom. They got to talking and hit it off.

I've always thought of him as my dad. Without hesitation. He was always fatherly to me. Even if biologically I wasn't his, he still loved me none the less. My dad's pretty fucking amazing. So's my mom. They live on the west coast somewhere in North California. Beautiful place. Never had any problems from any of my exploits and I'm happy with that.

Of course Lia's dad had a rocky history with her. But towards the end he really did love her. He wasn't completely the man he was before. I don't think anyone could be after the shit he went through. He was nice to me too. We had a sort of understanding before hand though. Keeping Lia safe was a common objective for the both of us. It's a shame he's gone and I'll admit I'm sad he's not with us anymore. Poor valiant guy.

Just thought I should let you guys know how everythings goin. Usually radio silence for a couple fucking days is a bad thing in our situation. So I thought I'd let you guys know we are not dead.

Keep fucking safe everyone.

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