Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lazy Lazy Lazy

Sorry for the lack of posts. We're at Miss's at the moment sort of just enjoying the peace and quiet.

It probably doesn't help she's a wonderful host and Dy and her keep drinking too much wine. I tell ya lots of shenanigans in the past couple days.

Dy even told me about the time she was a model for some outdoors-man/woman magazine. Seriously. That's where all of that money she has saved up came from.

God I wish I could take pictures of myself wearing just flannel shirts and hiking boots and make money.

She's probably going to kill me for mentioning this but I don't even care. I think it's hilarious and incredibly fitting of her.

Anyways, though it'd make sure that all of you at least know we're not dead or anything like that.

Take care everyone!


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