Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Hey guys. I know its been a couple days but I've been grounded by an awful awful cold. I doubt it was brought on by him but you can never be sure. Its most likely because I take awful awful care of myself.

I've been ghosting everywhere to avoid the masked people and its beginning to wear on me a bit. I'm just going to lay low for a little bit till I get over this.

Anyways I've still been reading my father's journal and finally reached an entry that seemed off:

July 19th, 2004
I've received the lily. Its as beautiful as they said it would be. I've begun cultivating it in my shed in hopes that it no one would notice. It also seems to grow better in the dark. I hope that soon I'll be able to start harvesting parts of it.

Then a few months later:
September 2, 2004
I noticed the lily has began to leak some sort of liquid from its center. I believe this is the nectar I have read about so I harvested it and put it into some of [redacted] (thats me)'s tea. I can only hope it will help her.

So there you go... Either my dad is crazy or he has a hand in what's going on with me. I suspect its the latter.


  1. In response to your earlier post: Referring to it as Frank all the time would be hilarious, and more than appropriate. >:]

    In response to this post: What can you determine about this Lily? Do you remember such a shed around your house?

  2. Well my dad's shed that I got the journal from but... I didn't see any signs of any plants.