Sunday, April 24, 2011

I'm... Okay?

Well I'm back after several days of hell. That Glyphosate guy meant business...

So basically it went down like this: I was chillin in my hotel room reading my father's journal when I got a knock on the door. I went and looked through the eye hole and sure enough there was a guy with a mask.

It had two eye holes and one line that curved from the top of the left eye hole around one side of the mask's and then down and up a bit mimicking a smile. I kept the door closed and went over to the blog to post that I wouldn't be back and I saw the comment on my last post by Glyph. So rather than trying to post a long entry about how my life has been short and I'm upset I just left that comment.

He started beating on the door trying to break the locks the he started to whisper things in. So I pressed my ear against the door to listen.

His voice was... so... unnerving. I don't even know why but... God I couldn't stand it so I grabbed all my things and hopped out the window and tried to make a run for it. I tried ghosting but I was so tired and exhausted and delirious (it was about 2 AM at that point) that I could hardly keep it up without flickering in and out. Well he apparently wasn't fooled by it and followed after.

Now I am not athletic. I'm not even that healthy so he caught up with me really fast and he grabbed me and punched me in the stomach then picked me up like I weighed nothing (well I almost do) and began to carry me as I reeled at the pain. 

I punched him in the back of the head and he dropped me in pain. I got up and tried to run but he grabbed my  bag and tried to take it from me and started yelling started yelling stuff like "Stop this!" and "This will only lead to your death!" and "I'm just trying to save you!"
So I kicked him in the shins and the knees. On his left knee he buckled and screamed and let me go. So I ran and ran hoping that the tall guy or the shadow bear or anything wouldn't get me. That punch to the stomach woke me up so I actually did ghost and ran and jumped on the nearest bus out of town.

I hope that shadow bear ate that asshole. I'm getting really tired of this.


  1. No matter what happens, never forget that a swift kick to the groin is supremely effective in most situations. I would also suggest that you remember the first rule of unarmed combat: Get armed. He's less likely to try crap like this if you've got a baseball bat to apply to his skull.

    Keep it together Hylo. And remember how you beat the Shadow cat/bear thingy last time. There might be more to the reason it follows you than that you're tasty. You're certain it's looking for a fight?

  2. Well I'd say its protecting me after it ate that proxy but it has attacked me in the past with the intention to om nom nom me. So Its probably being territorial about its prey.
    Next chance I get I'm buying a bat. If anything I can go out in a blaze of glory trying to kill a bear with a baseball bat.

  3. You think I am deterred from my mission, flower? I am not. I will capture you and you will be his.

    No unarmed strike, no baseball bat, and no shadow monster will stop me.