Monday, April 4, 2011

More Questions Than Answers

Oh yeah I went to my family's property and looked around. Pretty much the same if not over grown. All of mom's plants are kind of gone now...

I searched around the house, but it's pretty much just empty and dusty (not to mention creepy as fuck). My sister seemed to have cleared just about everything out when she left.

I did notice that the shed in the back of the yard was still locked. My dad usually used it for work/storage and always kept it locked so no one would steal his artifacts and texts or whatever else he stored in there. I got a good idea and used the key from the lock box and opened it up.

There was a lot of paper and files and a desk. Inside the desk were some research papers and a journal in my dad's hand writing. I took what I could and locked the shed back up before heading back here to my hotel.

Reading through my dad's research it was mostly on the Hanging Gardens of Babylon (Or Assyria if you want to dispute that) and what to be some help from my mom on some of the flora that possibly grew there. Mostly stuff about some sort of water lily tied to the goddess Ishtar.

However, the last couple research paper's written before his death describe various phenomenon relating to one figure. Those phenomenon are mass hysteria/brain washing, disappearances (especially that of children) around wooded areas, floods, fires, etc. They are all connected to one figure and I think you all know who it is. One who is describe as pale and tall and who's face can never be described. He also has the operater symbol scribbled on a few of them.


Speaking of tall, dark, and faceless I haven't seen a sign of him yet. Which makes me really, really nervous. I think for the next couple days I'll lay low, read my dad's journal, and try and relax...

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