Saturday, April 9, 2011

I'm not dead

If that's what you were thinking. Just been moving constantly for the past few days.

Been trying to read through my dad's journal mostly. He's writing about stuff about my mother, sister, and I at this point. Stuff about how we were learning new things. My sister wanting to go into college. Stuff about my drawings.

Seems... pretty normal? I dunno. I'll keep reading through it. Its kind of nice just to read this.

As for Slender Man? Yeah I see proxies around every once in a while but past that not much else. Seem to be scouting around probably not for me. I'm still shaken up from that... Mental attack?

Well I'll keep you guys posted as usual.
All you stay safe mkay?


  1. You'd be best not to call him by his "name." It runs the risk of calling him closer to you.

  2. Goddammit. I'm just going to give him a name that doesn't suit him at all... Like Frank or Lewis.