Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oh my god I am so screwed

So yeah you remember that shadow cat thing that was following me around?

Well guess what? Its back!


I'm not joking. Its a bear this time. I know its the same thing because it has the same white empty eyes and the same dark stuff covering it.

Oh and know how I found this out? It ate a proxy outside my window. I woke up to the screaming and looked outside and there it was just om nom nomming on a screaming masked person.

Jesus christ. A fucking shadow bear and an eldritch abomination are following me.

Maybe I should start drinking.


  1. Stay still, little blossom. I'm knocking on your door. I will pluck you and give you to Master and you will be a beautiful gift for him to destroy.

  2. Well fuck I guess thats whats banging on my door right now. Well people, If I don't make it back, it was an honor internet knowing all of you.