Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Laying Low

Been doing that for the past couple days. I haven't let my hotel room yet. But honestly I should. I haven't eaten in a couple days, but at this point I have a hard time feeling if I'm hungry or not. Hunger pains just don't bother me anymore.

But really I should eat. I'm already pretty scrawny due to my stinginess with money.

Anyways, onto updates:

1. Shadow Bear hasn't shown itself but I can only assume its followed me. I don't know how its able to do that but it does.

2. No sign of tall and blank in the face himself

3. Also just radio silence from Glyphosate but I guess getting over a dislocated knee is something that will take time.

4. Journal stuuuuffff

So the latest entries are mostly complicated translations of Babylonian/Assyrian text so I'll just explain it. Basically my dad is talking about how hard it is to translate Babylonian. He also talks about the lily and its supposed effects on people that when translated to modern terminology comes out to mainly these: 1. Distance from loved ones. 2. Paranoia 3. Hallucinations 4. Possible onset of Schizophrenia 5. Violent outbursts 6. Mood Swings 7. Suicidal tenancies 8. Depression and/or Manic Depression 9. Other sudden onset Psychosis


Just... hmmm...

At least he goes on to say that those last ones are probably because of a sudden rise in supernatural/paranormal activity around the person who takes the lily.

So don't worry. I'm not legally insane just yet.

Or at least I don't think so.

I'm going to go eat now and you know, take care of myself decently for once.

You all take care of yourselves as well.


  1. The easiest way to go completely insane is to not eat enough. Make sure you have balanced meals with a decent serving of fruit and vegetables EVERY DAY. Nutrition is important, especially when you're running for your life. You're only as good as the fuel you're powering yourself with.

  2. Man no wonder I haven't been doing that well. I've been fueled by poptarts and doritos.

  3. ARGH! SALADS! WITH CHICKEN AND TOMATO AND SPINACH LEAVES! Portions of meat, with good portions of potatoes and more salad after that. HEALTHY EATING FOR SUPERIOR ENERGY AND SURVIVAL! How are you even alive?! ;___;

  4. Hey thats a question I keep asking myself! Don't worry I'm planning on taking better care of myself from now on. Even with the threat of death and possible disemboweling.