Saturday, April 2, 2011

No, Hylo, you are the demons

And then Hylo was a zombie.

The end.

Okay not really, but I certainly feel like a zombie. Finally made it into Montana and to one of the larger cities (I won't verify where) and  we're on a lunch break at the moment. Still about 5 or 6 hours from my final destination.

First things first. Trying to sleep sitting up in a cramped bus seat really really sucks. Okay so the first night I didn't really sleep much more nodded off a couple times and then was promptly woken up by our bus hitting a pothole.

Second, thank you little old ladies and your Dramamine. You make everything alright. I also like hearing your stories about how Yellowstone Park was in the 1950's and 60's.

Third, Lets talk about my parents shall we? Then you can know about my kind of odd but still cozy family life as a kid.

My mother was a botanist as previously stated. Hylocereus was one of her favorite genus's. Living in Montana there were flowering cactus plants but none like in the south west.

She was a shy woman. She kept to herself but she was always determined to get anything done and gave lectures regularly and made her money off of that. Past that she mostly did research at some of the universities in state for money. She always loved sharing her work with everyone.

My father was a historian who met my mother in college. He was the opposite of my mother. Very outgoing and optimistic but he kept his work to himself. He rarely ever spoke about what he was studying and occasionally just wrote papers on it. He was always over protective of my mother, sister, and I.

I'm going to go investigate more about their deaths. They tell me it was a car crash but... I want to learn more. At the time I shut myself off from it completely. I almost didn't show up at their funerals I was so upset.

Growing up my Mom wasn't around much. She did a lot of field research or was on the lecture circuit, but when she was home she spent as much time with us as possible, showing us flowers and telling us about them.

My father was home a lot doing research but he was usually busy with it. Its not like he ignored us though. He would come to us if we asked. He told me all sorts of stories about Babylon, Assyria, and ancient Egypt.

Well I best get going our lunch break here is almost over. I can't commend McDonald's on some of their food but their wifi is very useful.

Until then all of you try to not get killed mkay?
Off I go for another six hours hearing about how the times have changed.


  1. Well, haven't really said anything yet, but I don't like lurking followers myself, so...

    Hi. I'm not sure if I can believe your reality warping powers, but given what's happened to me, I probably shouldn't be pulling a sceptic right now. Er. I'm a Runner, I suppose, and I'm pretty sure even if my own common sense won't keep me from getting killed, my travelling partner will definitely prevent it.

    Nice to meet you.

  2. Well hello there Storm. Its nice to meet you too. :)
    I don't blame you, I didn't believe it at first. I thought I was going crazy, but then again I've seen some pretty crazy stuff in the past couple weeks.
    I guess I'm whatever that Tom guy is... a conduit?
    Anyways, best of luck to you and your partner. :)