Monday, April 18, 2011

Calmed Down

Quite a bit. Had a good cry and then I just kept going.

What else can I do? Not much. Thats what.

So I'll keep moving and I'll keep reading my father's journal and keep alive.

Speaking of the journal... before last nights rude break-in by Mc Slender-No-Manners-Pants, I haven't read much of anything interesting so far.

I'm through 2005 and onto 2006 and the most my father has mentioned is stuff about how he's noticed I'm not talking to my friends as much.

I don't remember this very well. So either I just grew out of those friends or what that binary post way back said is true and that this so-called nectar has changed my behavior.

So yeah... I'm just going to keep going. Just keep moving on.


  1. Keep running little flower. The Black King will have you, and I will deliver you to him.

  2. Ignore the ass. ;D

    You have a talent that no other runner I can think of has. Don't be afraid to use it. Nothing beats finding a place with security doors and hiding out in there while you sleep.

  3. Pffft like I care.
    Glyphosate? Really? Herbacide?

    Good idea. Maybe I should just hide in rich people's homes or bunkers from now one. Ah paranoid rich people. You are my bastion of hope.

  4. You can run to the ends of the earth and it will not matter. Father will find you. You are but a mere mortal, He is eternal. You tire and grow weak, but he remains ever omnipotent. You grow fearful and filled with despair, and He laughs. When darkness takes you, the last thing you will ever see is God's empty face looking down at you as you fade away. Accept your fate.

  5. Aw look. I got my very own "Give up now" comment from Star. How nice. :3

  6. Your optimism will only lead to your demise. Take Morningstar's advice and just give up now and join us.

  7. You already have a "Surrender and die" comment from Morningstar! Congratulations! =D

    Just keep moving kiddo. And remember: This thing still has to follow rules. You just need to figure out what they are.

  8. I know they mean that its all down hill from here but eh. I'm way to optimistic to stop now.

    Like Glyph said it'll be my downfall but hey. Might as well die happy right and acting awesome right?

  9. My running strategy is "Live Free or Die Awesome."