Thursday, April 14, 2011


Just been doing my usual trying to stay away from people as usual. I've been a bit paranoid because of the masked people in the last town being abundant. Thankfully this town I'm currently in doesn't seem to have any. I believe its  one of the safe havens that Black Leaf mentioned, but I'm keeping on my toes.

In the mean time I've been reading the journal. Most of it's about research on ancient civilizations, art, stuff like that. All sorts of things. But there is the occasional entry about us I find intriguing. Specifically this one.
(Note: I've changed my real name to Hylo and completely redacted my sister's name)

January 4th, 2005
I hate winter here. Its so barren and cold. The trees loose all their leaves and they become scraggly black masses of claws. It makes me nervous to be around trees... 
It reminds me of when Hylo and REDACTED were young. REDACTED was always such a social child. She loved playing with Hylo, but Hylo always seemed so distracted. She'd stare off sometimes when she was very young at the edge of the playground. I never knew what she was looking at but I have a feeling I saw it when I was young as well. We share a lot of the same behavior. She just... stares. But Hylo was always a bit spacey until she was a teenager. She liked looking at plants and would always get distracted by them. Perhaps its a flower she's looking at. Her eyesight is quite good. 
She's seem to have grown out of it though. She's more distracted by the sky than anything. She'll point out stars and such that I can't hardly see in the sunlight.
Maybe it's just my eyesight failing a bit. I am getting a bit old.
In the mean time, my darling Hylo has not shown any blatant signs of change. Maybe it's just the cold.
Once again: I hate the winter here.

I don't remember a whole lot from when I was a kid. But who really does? I'll keep reading and keep you guys posted on these entries.

I'm also over my cold finally. Yaaaaay! :D

You all keep safe alright? Remember: Stranger Danger is EVERYWHERE.

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